By Juliet Umeh

AS people search daily for new and fulfilling ways to use technology to communicate with friends, family and communities around the world, Clubhouse, a social audio and voice-based social media have emerged as a valuable alternative to traditional screen-based social media.

Clubhouse is a social audio app for iOS and Android where users can communicate in audio chat rooms that accommodate groups of thousands of people.

It was launched during the height of the pandemic as an invite-only app and it is only available on iOS, this means that only people with iPhones and have been invited by a pre-existing user can access the app.

According to the founder, in May 2021 it became accessible to people on Android and in July, the app opened its 10-million-person-long waitlist and started adding new users. Today, the app now hosts over 700 thousand rooms every day and has continued to gain popularity with Nigerians.

He also said that active users on Clubhouse can start a Club directly on the app.

He explained Clubs are a way to host a series of intimate conversations with a defined community of people based on identity, interests and industries.

According: “Clubs can be private or public and have frequent meetups hosted weekly, biweekly, daily or ad hoc when you wish. Clubs are a great way to build communities and meet with like-minded individuals that have shared common interests both from Nigeria and the rest of the world.

Intending users start a Club directly on the app by following these three easy steps:

*Users can navigate to their profile page and scroll to the “Member of” section near the bottom.

*There they will see a “+” sign to the right of the last club badge (note: if users are a member of many clubs, they’ll have to scroll to the end of the club list to locate the plus.

*Tap the icon and create a club.

  Also, users will only be able to create one club at a time and will have to wait before creating another. If users do not see the “+” available that means they are not active, take part in some great conversations, and try again. Lastly, users should check if their email address has been verified.

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