Hi. Last edition, I stated here that I was not going to join in the buzz going on about Tega and Boma, two of the ousted housemates of the ongoing Big Brother Naija reality show. The two, whilst in the House had been shown engaging in activities most viewers thought were inappropriate, Tega being a married woman.
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By Yetunde Arebi

Hi. Last edition, I stated here that I was not going to join in the buzz going on about Tega and Boma, two of the ousted housemates of the ongoinTega

Their unwholesome relationship appeared to have been a major reason why viewers voted them out of the show. However, I received messages and calls from readers asking why I had refused to comment on Tega’s conducts and if I was in support of what she had done.

Some accused me of being a feminist and were not surprised that I was shielding her. In fact, a friend called to hear my views and we did discuss a bit. Is Tega really guilty of conducts unbecoming of a married woman whilst in the House?

I think there is more to this question than a yes or no. If we continue to look at the actions in isolation, we may not really get a true appraisal of what went down between the duo.

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Let us first remind ourselves what the Big Brother reality show is about. Created by Johannes Hendrikus Hubert, a Dutch media tycoon, popularly known as John de Mol of Endemol and originally broadcast in the Netherlands, the show has been franchised in over 54 countries including Nigeria which is hosting its 6th season.

Housemates live together in a confined space for a particular number of days, supervised by the Big Brother, under the full glare of cameras.

They form alliances and strike deals with fellow housemates to prolong their stay in the house, while viewers vote for their favourites to win the ultimate grand price,  judge their conducts and vote for their favourites.

This year’s, over N90 million is at stake and many may do everything and anything possible to emerge as winner. What they do to win is now tagged ‘strategy’ in local parlance.  Ironically, your strategy can either make or mar you, which is what has happened in the Boma and Tega adventure.

Prior to recent editions, the show had been condemned by many Nigerians for it’s lurid content and every year government is advised to ban the show, insisting that it does not promote our values as a people.

With cameras in every nook and corner of the house 24/7, there is slim chance that the housemates will not be caught pants down either in their rooms or rest rooms and of course, in bed, under the sheets, even if by mistake. indeed, viewers got a glimpse of Tega’s bum while dressing or undressing in Boma’s presence. And this is the point I want to take off from.

What is a married WOMAN doing in the Big Brother House? This was the first question I asked myself when I first saw Tega.

But this is the 21st Century, she is free to make her own decisions and no one can stop her if that is where she wants to be, some supporters in the early days of the show opined. After all, she is not the only married individual in the show and there have been others.

She is just the first woman to, all others have been men. The truth is that societal standards for judging men and women are different. Besides, all but one, have conducted themselves in manners worthy of their status.

Tega’s drama adds a new twist to the story of BBNaija. For those who have called her unprintable names and insisted she could have done better, remember that we all have different endurance thresholds.

Faced with an unending flow of alcohol in freezing condition, anything can happen, especially where one has not been really exposed to engaging men on that level. 

My next question was, who is her husband? Why did he consent to her representing their family in a game such as this? Was it for the fame and/or the money?

For a guy who described himself as a brand consultant and night ambassador (whatever that is) I think it was very naive on his part that this will go down without their relationship getting a blow at least.

Even singles with relationships outside, hardly get off without a few scratches. Not to mention a married situation.  Tega’s husband ought not to have allowed her walk into the lion’s den  in the first place. 

Interestingly, we also learnt that he had a strategy too. According to Tega who claimed to be an accomplished actress, (hahaha) they had agreed that she  could act kissing and making out rolls with Housemates but must not have sex.

Come on! This guy already laid out the grounds for adultery to catwalk on. If you can agree with your wife that other men can kiss and grapple her body to remain in a game, wetin remain now? I dear say she rep wella joor!

It is only baffling how Tega and Boma can imagine that dishing such behavior on local and international TV can be regarded as good content to Nigerians. Our hypocrisy will never allow us to accept such.

The truth is, there are men, women too, who don’t know where to draw the line in their pursuit for success.  Some men have consciously or otherwise set up their spouses in compromising situations only to cry wolf when the center falls.

They use their wives as baits for men, for benefit they cannot get by themselves. They turn a blind eye so long their secrets are safe and the goodies keep rolling in. And some don’t even care. They are a  power couple on a mission. Huh!

A dear friend while working in one of Nigeria’s Minister’s office told of how a lady refused to go home without a contract paper her company had bided for.

Her husband would not take things kindly with her should the deal not come through.  It was late in the night. Only the minister and a few aides were left in the building.

And this is a MARRIED woman, sent by her husband to do whatever it takes to get a contract. So, I don’t really blame Tega or Boma. I blame her husband! Do have a wonderful weekend!!

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