September 15, 2021

Unlocking the antecedents in Chief Dr Emeka Kalu

Unlocking the antecedents in Chief Dr Emeka Kalu

When we talk about someone s antecedents, it primarily denotes the stuff, quotients, background  and instinct one is made of, be it a positive or negative ones.

In this very man, Chief Emeka Kalu, it is worthy of note to state that our drive focuses on his good antecedents that had earned him reputations, honour and good tidings.

Before it earned his good name, it first added values in the lives of others of which the results are displayed in an open template for all to see. The Bende born industrialist and politician has been a committed fellow all his life towards the betterment of mankind by working to see that people around him are living a focused and fulfilled life.

Politically, he has been wonderful and impacting taking into consideration his rellisence and sagacity in working to ensure his party, PDP escapes failure line always. Recounting one of his remarkable political achievements in the history of mankind, Chief Kalu was one of the strong mobilizers and prime movers that sensitized and mobilized Africa Community in USA to vote Barrack Obama into office as the first ever black man of African soil background to mount the exalted seat in the government of United States of America in 2008.

He personally formed the forum and led the way  in conjunction with the support of other eminent Africans in USA.Through his purposeful leadership policies and campaign, Obama government was sustained against all odds through the Africa Voice platform in USA. Chief Kalu understands the body languages spoken both in national and offshore politics.

As if it were not enough, in Guinea Bissau, his teamed mobilization saw to the election of the youngest President, Umaru Siccesco Embalo and Engr. Nungu as the President and Prime Minister of the country respectively. Dr. Kalu is an ASSET beyond monetary value measures and as it stands in Nigeria today, I advise the National leadership family of PDP to embrace him so that he will use the same political sharpener with which he worked to elect most world leaders to sharpen the blunt blade of People s Democratic Party for positive results in 2023.

His membership of this great party is a divine plan to enable him dig deeper into the same tunnel and bring up ideas and modalities towards returning PDP to Aso Rock following 2023 general elections. This time that the party is planning to Conduct National Convention slated for October 30/31th,2021 if prevailing circumstances allow so.

It will be a plus to the success the party had so far achieved in the resolution of her recent crisis as the person of Chief Kalu is elected to head one of the key positions of the Party s National Working Committee (NWC) depending on the slots allocated to his South Eastern geo political zonel.

To the best of my knowledge, the PDP loyalist is capable of heading the National Chairmanship or  Deputy National Chairmanship(South) of the party or any other  position where critical matters of the party are discussed, handled and activated. He is of the strength to lead the Party BOT as PDP will never regret it considering his state of consciousness in the scheme of Nigeria and Intl politics. His charisma and commitment are wonderful of which his deeds in 2019 to ensure power changed hands and returned to PDP which didn’t work out as envisaged but there is a greener opportunity now to turn things around.

PDP needs loyalists, philosophers and ardent mobilizers to clinch the seat of power in 2023 and men of proven integrity with spirit of political popularity to be handling the party leadership if testimonies are to be experienced.

The manner and style he has been coordinating and running PDP Coalition, voicing out portending ills and how to avert them, his vehement commitment for peace and harmonization of the party structure add credence to the fact that he is a man to entrust the leadership of the party in his hands and pragmatic changes would thrive.

In USA, he is being celebrated for his noticeable political success  in the width and lengths of the Country, here in Nigeria, he  leaves no stone unturned to ensure PDP passes well in the 2023 exam classes. This is what we call zeal; it shows he defends and works for the party and when given an opportunity to serve in the leadership, remarkable turnaround will be showering the roofs of the party and the generality of Nigerians yearning for a better government. 

I, therefore call on the People s Democratic Party  to ensure absolute care is taken to avoid choosing and electing vultures to pilot the NWC which is the major determining factor for the success or otherwise of this great party in 2023.

APC is not easier to go by and as the ruling party, she is akin to an ungrateful tree monkey who hardly returns cup with appreciations to the one who gave it water to drink.PDP is the hope of a New Nigeria and it will be nice as the party harmonizes and structures well to ensure the expectations of the people are not defeated.

Men are honoured for what they are gifted with and once such gifts are unlocked and utilized into action, life sustaining transformations are bound to flourish. I hereby draws the attention of People s Democratic Party to be conscious in choosing party officers and leaders seeing what is happening in terms of personality and ambitions related crisis in the party leading to litigations.

We need people who are loyal to the party the same way a new born baby is to its mother s breasts to lead the party following the upcoming convention so that avoidable mistakes would not be repeated.