Olu of Warri

By Wale Nice

At a young age, the world was expecting a usual king, the smile of the Olori was passing a message but no one understood.

A king with a beautiful smile, the world hoping to see another Saul in the making.

Thousands could not sleep waiting for that precious day, a night full of imagination of what will happen on 21/08/21.

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And the day came whispering light into the city of Warri, joy enveloped everyone’s heart in Warri.

At the Warri river, thousands of people saw the beautiful displays of boat regatta and the presence of the la creme de la creme in the society.

Breathless, as the son of the King of Kings came into Warri Club, the departure venue, the crowd passed out with a crescendo of excitement with gradual increase Omoba Shola, Omoba Shola, Omoba Tsola.Ogiame.

When he is in front of others follow, he matches the thousands of people to Ode-Itsekiri, not knowing another king Solomon will be given birth to.

The eyes of the world were closed because not all the installation process should be seen, the gate was closed for thousands because it was the traditional palace of the Olu Of Warri.

He performed his last duties by fetching water, breaking firewood, and paddling canoe, all for the last time as an ordinary citizen of the great Warri kingdom.

It was thrilling, exciting, emotionally packed as the people gave him everlasting promises, that it’s now our responsibility to provide and cater to his needs.

He was blindfolded according to the tradition and the custom of the people, that a new king must pick his title blindfolded and in the presence of his people picked the same sword is father Atuwatse ll picked and that makes him the Atuwatse III

He took his precious time greeting his people who could not stop singing his praises as he walked towards the awaiting arena where he will be the crown the next king.

On getting to the arena the Iyatsere read the history of both the king and the kingdom.

And everyone was excited and suddenly the Uwangue brought the crowd and raise it up for everyone to see.

And he asked a question. should I crown him..? the congregation both in and outside the arena and those watching online shouted yes yes yes crown our king.

And the gold crown was placed on his head and people screamed for joy. Tears, happiness, and fulfillment lighted the face of the people.

God bless His Royal Majesty.
Ogiame ATUWATSE III The Olu Of Warri.

He was given the mic to give his maiden address to the Itsekiri people. A new king has been born which represents new hope and a new order. He held the mic and rendered praises to God for 5 minutes and broke the curse his grandfather, Olu Erejuwa II placed upon the land.

His eloquent speech bought Itsekiri Nation to the world and the world was astonishingly marvelled that truly a great king has been born.

May God bless Ogiame Atuwatse IIIThe Olu Of Warri.


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