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By Ibrahim Wuyo, Kaduna 

The Convener, Got Your Back Nigeria, Professor Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr, has said that contrary to a news report, there was no money belonging to Kogi State that was frozen in any bank.

He condemned in totality ” the deliberate plan by some desperate Nigerians who want to tarnish the Image of Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State.”

In a statement on Friday, Prof. Chris called on  ” the EFCC to resist the temptation of been used by those desperately seeking the office of the president come 2023, who fear Governor Yahaya Bello as the only possible, visible front runner to their ambition.”

He said come 2023, “we must as a nation resist and refuse the chicanery of political operators who seek through falsehood and deceit to narrow the confines of political contestation.”

“I raised three strong points in my last Press Release regarding the desperation of those seeking the High Office of President come 2023 and the ploy to deploy damaging falsehood, perfidy and deceit to hoodwink the media and the people against the very visible front runner, Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State. Like I clairvoyant I stand vindicated.”

“I warned that if zoning and rotation of power which appears to be their shortcut to the Presidency come 2023 becomes difficult, they will resort to blackmail and spurious litigations cum media mudslinging, but also left a caveat that we shall not suffer fools gladly, and that we shall conquer their falsehood with the efficacy of truth. Such and no other is my Cross.”

“And I warned that any attempt to tar or mar the urgency of now and the fervency of a reinvigorated call for a New Deal in Nigeria ala the Youth O’Clock protocol and the Yahaya Bello Movement with a fake brush, fake news, fake litigations, fake Court Orders and Preposterous Rulings will not stand Because this is a Movement of intellectuals, egg heads and principled ideologues ready, willing and able to shoot down every fake, false and fictitious kite that his political adversaries mayfly. And such is our creed.

“That said, here is the truth that defeats the present falsehood and confines their perfidy to the ignoble pit of history.”

“Do you know that unlike most States in Nigeria today, the State of Kogi has cleared almost all the outstanding salaries and arrears owed workers, and presently pays workers as at when due? Do you know that the State of Kogi is amongst the States topping the chart in the payment of pensions? Do you know that the State of Kogi is one of the few states that is not owing Medical Doctors and Workers any salary? And have you realized that not having anymore that old cliche and refrain ‘Kogi State is owing workers and not paying salaries’, they have devised the present falsehood and lies, but it won’t stick?”

“The present lie and falsehood fail because the action purportedly brought before the Court by the Economic And Financial Crimes Commission EFCC regarding a certain N20 billion allegedly fixed by the Kogi State Government in Sterling Bank for interest is patently false and fictitious. There is no Account in favour of Kogi State with such deposit in Sterling Bank.”

“It is on record that the balance in the Kogi State salary account with Sterling Bank is about N46 million only since the N19.3 billion  meant for Salaries were deployed to that purpose in 2019.”

“As we journey towards 2023 we must as a people implore the EFCC, the ICPC and the other investigative agencies of State to ‘shine their eyes’ and resist any attempt to be used as cannon fodders for falsehood, deceit, blackmail and lies by politicians. Because the lies won’t stick”.

“Need I say clearly, that to further put the naysayers to shame and to right the wrong so done to Kogi State by the EFCC, and their fellow travellers on the path of infamy and treachery, the Kogi State Government has gone to Court against such grievous faux pas. And shall come out clean before the Law Court, and the Court of Public opinion, because this falsehood orchestrated against it will fall like a pack of cards. Yes, the lies won’t stick.”

“We must as a nation resist and refuse the chicanery of political operators who seek through falsehood and deceit to narrow the confines of political contestation. Nigerians must insist that all contestants come before the people with proof of competency and capacity, not blackmail and mudslinging. We must challenge the media, the civil society and the clergy to etch new paradigms of truth over falsehood, facts over blackmail, and sound policy over pettiness as 2023 beckons.”

“We shall continue ceaselessly to debunk all lies against the person of Yahaya Bello, against the State of Kogi, and against the call for a New Deal for the masses of our country.

“Remember it is Youth O’Clock, and the Nigerian Youths along with the masses of our dear Country will purge our politics of the smear campaigns and the vile tendencies of the past. All lies and falsehood in the works for 2023 won’t stick, believe me, so try something else, folks,” he said.

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