By Olatunji Olatunde

One in every three Nigerians have plans to migrate out of the country. The reason is not far-fetched. The song on the lips of everyone is “insecurity of their lives and properties, dilapidated economy, corruption and terrorism.”

The insecurity in the nation is growing exponentially as each day passes by. The nation’s state of unrest will completely turn everywhere to miasma of bloodletting, if vital steps are not taken. The havoc being wreaked by rebellious individuals is deadly, across everywhere in the country.

Insecurity in Nigeria is backed by corruption and corrupt people in every sector. Nearly 98 million Nigerians live in extreme poverty making the country the world’s capital of poverty, of this figure the larger population being the youth and children.

These age groups are directly linked to terrorism and they serve as the major labour force and agents of uproar. Nigeria is now in a near-lawlessness state. This owing to the weak judiciary system.

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Inactive leaders have contributed much to escalation of social vices in the nation. Insecurity of lives and properties are statements frequently uttered by an average Nigerian. The Boko Haram insurgency in the Northern Nigeria have made more Orphans, Widows and Widowers through their bombings and human slaughters.

Many a northerner have fled their homes to take refuge in IDP camps and neighboring countries. Weeks ago, it was reported that some youth of Sokoto state refused to yield to the plea of their Governor to return home, while they enjoy peace of mind in the foreign land of Niger Republic.

Kidnapping, the new booming business in the nation has arrested the interest of many – as top and average individuals are being kidnapped for ransom. Lately, students suffer the most of this ordeal. School are now deadly places for students in Katsina, Kaduna, Zamfara and many other Northern states.

The hope of many kidnapped students in these stares remain unpredictable. For the fear of having their children kidnapped, parents now prefer their wards at home rather than at the school.

In tensed situations, human tends to result to fights. Different sects now sprouts from every corner of the country in means to protect themselves and their loved ones. Illegal arms are now domestic commodities.

Stray bullets have ended the lives of many promising youth. Herdsmen are contributing a bad quota, too. Many farmers have fled their farmlands for safety of their lives by the killer pastoralists.

Till when these will last is what no one could predict. Hopefully, soon. Nigeria will be free from its insecurity and she shall jubilate freedom from Boko Haram, Bandits, Killer Herdsmen and other rebellious gangs that keep provoking her tears.

Olatunde writes from Ibadan.

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