The rise to prominence in 2021 of DafriBank, a subsidiary of DafriGroup Limited, is easily attributed to the drive of its charismatic philanthropic founder, chairman and CEO, Ziggy Xolane, popularly known as Xolanendhlovu across social media.

Since it went live in July, DafriBank Digital, a financial technology company with clients in over 180 countries, has been making waves online, especially when in just six days of operation, it concluded its first successful 1000 transactions.

Announcing this on the bank’s social media handle, CEO Ziggy Xolane had announced that DafriBank has “acquired a network of clients who have integrated DafriBank payment solutions on their websites and are receiving payment from anywhere via different channels and devices.”

Speaking further via his Instagram handle @xolanendhlovu, Ziggy Xolane, who is also the chairman of DafriGroup, said: “A digital entrepreneur needs a #DafriBank account that will allow you to receive money from everywhere in the world in two minutes because of our reach across the borders of over 180 countries.”
Continuing, he said: “Digital entrepreneurs can grow their online businesses with us because we are 50 times cheaper than PayPal and Skrill and we won’t lock your money and ping you down with stringent KYC requirements; moreso, we are the first bank that allows you to deposit money into your bank account through assorted crypto currencies, this despite not being a crypto exchange.”

DafriBank, described as “every digital entrepreneur’s dream,” has been embraced across Africa at an unprecedented rate, courtesy of Xolanendhlovu’s indefatigable effort to popularise it with his 16-week Sunday giveaway of monetary reward to his social media followers.
The bonanza, which he started in August will run till December 31, during which 20 lucky followers of his and DafriBank Instagram accounts anywhere on the continent are encouraged to open DafriBank accounts and try their luck on the random-pick reward which sometimes are as high as R1, 000 or $100.
The ingenious way in which he has been encouraging Africans, including non-Africans such as Filipinos, to embrace DafriBank has been described as a stroke of genius by financial observers.
In his recent post on Instagram, Xolanendhlovu affirmed that: “My give away with @DafriBank is still much active. Your turn is coming as long as you following me and DafriBank on all social media.”


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