Dubai based tech company Newceanik limited re-unveils digital platform Quickqart after series of updates. The startup wants everyone to have an online store by simplifying the entire process of taking orders. 

QuickQart allows users to create free and easy shopping stores on the web, easily manage processes via the app and anyone can shop from you from anywhere as long as they see your link or QR code.

The company is focused on a future where 90% of shopping will be done online and physical shopping can be done without saying a single word.

Imagine walking into a restaurant, then you scan a QR code, select your choice of meal from your phone and wait. 5 minutes later the waiter brings you your meal.

Let’s see another scenario, you are at the airport waiting for your flight, hungry, then you see a QR code that says “scan me” with a seat number. You scan this code, select a meal and input your seat number. 5 minutes later a delivery man brings your meal. This is the power of Quickqart.

QuickQart is user-friendly for both seller and end users. However, much more than transactions, it also acts as a virtual assistant for businesses by performing roles such as bookkeeping, tracking of sales and analytics, customer satisfaction and engagement.

The company’s CEO, Christopher Olalegbin while speaking about the platform explained that one of the major driving forces of QuickQart is to help physical stores utilize the digital space for profit-making. “At QuickQart we believe that whatever you sell physically, you should display digitally. In a few seconds you can create your own online store and start taking orders from literally anywhere.”

Developed September 2020, QuickQart offers solutions to industries ranging from e-commerce, to digital menu for hotels and bars/clubs. Corporate, Pharmaceutical or even personal and residential use. Users can also digitize their businesses effortlessly using a variety of QuickQart features such as automatic QR code creator, up-selling, Buyers can shop and make payment directly to the seller and so much more.

 With a sleek interface for your online store that is sure to keep sellers hooked, Quickqart is also highly customizable to fit your business or personal needs.


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