By Tolu Florence

Fresh from the weekend, my colleague was ‘gisting’ me on Monday, about how she returned from work last Friday to meet her kids engrossed in the ongoing Big Brother Naija show, season 6. They were so immersed in the program that they did not notice their mother walk in on them. Over the course of the weekend, she still found them watching the show a couple of times.

When I asked her why she failed to activate the Parental control function, she replied that she did. “I don’t know how they figured out the password or how to open up those channels” she replied. “It is only one week into the summer holiday and I cannot even control what they watch”.

Well, her situation is the same with many parents who are going to have to deal with over the next six weeks or more of the Summer holidays. Children will be spending more time at home than their parents, or almost as much time for work-at-home parents. How will parents control what the children watch? Or better still, how will parents stop children from watching the BBnaija show.

Gone are the days of our childhood where children got uncomfortable watching any ‘kissing’ or even remotely immoral scenes. The default response then would be for children to stand up and leave the living room as soon as the scenes were getting suggestive of nudity or immoral content of any kind. These days, the children would sit and watch till their parents get uncomfortable and change the channel.

From the first day this season resumed, the BBnaija ‘Shine ya eye’ season 6, has sparked off reactions over the dressing and actions of the housemates. The question of morality will always be there, but since the adults enjoy watching it, what happens to the children? What will they be watching?

The 10-week long reality TV show will follow the lives of strangers-turned-housemates as they interact and battle for the grand prize of N90million worth of prizes. Keeping adult males and females locked up in one house for 10 weeks, there is so much that could happen.

BBnaija is purely adult content and there is no nicer way to state that kids should not be snacking on such content. Even conservative adults cringe at it because they are concerned about what moral values it promotes. This, however, does not change the fact that many parents and adults are enjoying the show and may not be willing to suspend it for the holidays.

One option for the parents would be to downgrade their GOtv or DStv subscriptions to any of the lesser plans that do not have the BBnaija channel, but then the parents will be missing out on what is becoming the rave of the moment.

What may be the more practicable option is to get another pay-TV where you can find family-friendly content suitable for the family to watch. The first and perhaps only option that is worth considering here is the StarTimes. StarTimes has both foreign and local channels with content the entire family can sit to watch.

There are cartoon channels like JimJam, Nickelodeon, Toonami, DreamWorks, Da Vinci, Cbeebies, and others; and most of these kiddies’ channels come as low as N1700 monthly, in addition to other exciting favourite family channels. Let’s just say you can sit to watch the television with your kids without any uncomfortable moments. You can even leave them watching the TV without looking over your shoulders. And you are not losing anything at all. You can still binge on the BBnaija on the television in your room, or your smartphone using any of the apps.


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