Nigeria’s foremost social media network Crowwe is back on the Play Store and App store for both android and IOS mobile phone users. The Crowwe app which has been described as an instant messaging and financial transaction app comes with a digital mobile wallet functionality capable of enabling users within the platform transfer and receive money while chatting.

According to the statement, released by the C.E.O of the Gloomme Business Connections Ltd, owners of Crowwe Anya Ifunanya, in her words stated categorically that “Crowwe App is fully back, this time, its smarter, more savvy, slick and better. Against the backdrop and assertion from few social media users, that Crowwe was taken down by Google Play Store, that was never the case.

Crowwe has chosen to thrive in light of these changes, Crowwe App was just off the store listing page for a short while, to afford our technical team ample time to effect and implement all of the feedbacks gotten from numerous users across the country. Because Crowwe is purely local content, our team of young tech developers, all here in Nigeria, have been working day and night to ensure Crowwe comes back in a more refined way that can meet the needs of users.

The design interface is much better than it used to be, the user experience is top notch, because we have upgraded the process of signing up and navigating through the platform and made it very much easy and seamless for everyone.

For Social media users who already signed up on the platform, all you need to do is to download the updated version of Crowwe App on your android or iOS app’s store listing page and you are good to go on Crowwe.

All through the App revitalization phase, we strived hard to provide up-to-date information to users on developments, through various conventional and digital media platforms. Crowwe is a generational test of resilience, a platform that has chosen to thrive and be competitive in a global tech space. Our goal is to build a world-class Nigerian social media app that does better than the ones brought to us from the west in terms of building fortune, earning fame, and having fun.

 The encouragement and constant feedback on how we can better improve our user experience within the app by Nigerians have helped us make smarter choices and also made our resolve and commitment stronger. Ever since the Crowwe App came back to the store, we have seen a deluge of encouraging responses from many users, who have signed up.

More downloads of the app can only help us achieve the goals of offering you even better and more relevant social media network features. We are continually committed to building an in-inclusive social network platform. Because Crowwe is purely local content, made in Nigeria, we encourage everyone to join Crowwe now, sign up today to Build our country, build our people and very much possibly build your Brand.

Crowwe instant messaging feature allows users to send and receive text and multimedia messages – photos, videos, documents, location, audio messages for free. These can be sent or received while connecting one on one with family and friends or chatting as a group using its group chat feature. Users can edit pictures and videos using a wide variety of effects.

This mobile social network platform Crowwe said to be targeting users in emerging markets, particularly in Africa, supports over 5,5000 different devices, including feature phones, in addition to Android, BlackBerry OS, and Windows smartphones.

It is a treasure well of information, news, and entertainment. It helps millions of content creators shoot and share unique content with their audience. From entertainment, Agriculture, Sports, technology, news, and health to beauty, Crowwe has a deluge of pictures and video content on a vast array of subjects.

Amongst other numerous features that Crowwe social media platform offers to its users, is the option to register both a business profile for commercial purpose, public or private profile for your lifestyle. Crowwe application possesses also unique features called the Secret Chat – where you can invite your friend to have a secret private conversation, with this feature, you can set a time when the message, after being opened will be permanently deleted without a trace. You can make free calls on Crowwe. Its messaging features also supports audio and video calls communication between international phone networks, Also, it is end-to-end encrypted, which is preferred by people in countries where security may be a major concern

Because we are already in the era of digital transformation, Crowwe has an artificial intelligence tool, embedded within the platform that, has over time built a wealth of data. The mammoth data amassed by Crowwe social networking platform assists users with both personal or business profile account in suggesting their network of friends, interests, and shopping habits and this further helps in building more interactions amongst users.

It is believed that creativity is everything, creativity rules the world and creativity is the way to share your soul with the world, the flexibility of the Crowwe platform, enables users to have fun, make fame and most importantly communicate and network with others via video calls, voice calls and text messages irrespective of your geographical location. In addition, Crowwe creates an opportunity for users who choose to be different in a world that is constantly promoting negativity, to rise to greatness.

With the latest improvements in the platform, if your goal is to build a life, a business, and a network that transcend border limitations, religious and racial discriminations, and tribal segregation, then there is no better place to be than the Crowwe platform. The major fascination of this notable Nigerian multi-purpose app comes with the peace of mind of knowing that your chat history can no longer be screenshot without your permission or even shown to a third party.

According to the Crowwe C.E.O, “Every user privacy is secure, even from us at the back end. Yes, that’s, why we decided to build the app in the first place. The betrayals of other social media apps in protecting our privacies have become too contemptible to ignore.

In less than three months after the official launch of Crowwe –Q3,2020, it was reported that the Crowwe app progressively gained prominence with relentless improvement and was reported to have recorded massive downloads in 68 countries in Q4, 2020.

Crowwe has user-friendly navigation, autoplay of videos feature, which lets users upload, post pictures, videos, and graphics most relevant and trending content on the platform. With the rate of mobile phone users steadily increasing, the need for more downloads of the Crowwe app is imperative for every business.

Setting up your Crowwe business profile within the social network app is a direct way for users to reach their customers with their special services and offers. The exclusivity in communication through the app helps build a connection with the brand and a loyal customer base.

Crowwe Business profile and Crowwe Mobile Wallet, both found with the app are already helping to shape the future of every business that’s operating online and no enterprise can afford to ignore it. These features incorporated within the Crowwe mobile app helps accelerate business growth and offer personalized user experiences.

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