August 1, 2021

Every marriage has its own challenges – Benita Onyiuke

Every marriage has its own challenges – Benita Onyiuke

By Ayo Onikoyi

Benita Onyiuke Ugochukwu, a married mother of three seems to be enjoying the best of two worlds; a career in Nollywood and marriage. The Anambra State indigene from Enugwu Ukwu however agrees there is no such thing as a perfect marriage even though she wouldn’t trade her marriage for anything in the world.

She said, “: No marriage is perfect. Every marriage has its own challenges but being rooted in God and being with someone who understands and makes you happy is the real deal. What obtains in a marriage is different from person to person. What may be good for someone may be bad for another.

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In the case of a cheating spouse, my take is that everyone knows what their deal breaker is. You can’t tell an adult how to live their lives. So if cheating is a deal-breaker for you, good! Do what you know is best for your emotional and mental health.”

“Love, sex, and money all have their places in a marriage. Each of them plays an entirely different role in a marriage. I’m blessed I have a husband who supports me all the way,” she added.

Benita Onyiuke Ugochukwu is an actress, movie producer, and entrepreneur. She’s an alumnus of Abia State University who married a man also from Abia State.

Some of the films she has featured include When You See Me, Tears of Omasiri, Crazy Stupid Love, Indifference, When The Heart Calls, Love Delayed, Sorrowing Wind, Weapon of Love, and many others.

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