August 25, 2021

CPROD blames economic woes on lack of productivity benchmark

CPROD blames economic woes on lack of productivity benchmark

Vice President, Dr. Gbenga Adeyemo (seated 2nd left); DG, Dr. Chris Egbu(middle) and the newly-inducted Fellows, all of CPROD, at the event.

By Olayinka Ajayi

The Centre for Public Productivity and Development, CPROD, has blamed the nation’s economic decline on lack of productivity standard.

Speaking during the award and induction of Fellows into the centre, the Vice President of CPROD, Dr. Gbenga Adeyemo, noted that for Nigeria to regain its economic strength, there’s need for the nation to set up competent structures to enable the government to do thorough assessment benchmarks on productivity.

According to him: “CPROD is a unique instrument that most advanced countries of the world deploy in measuring their performance. We realised that Nigeria as a nation, we have not been doing something like that.

“There’s need to set up competent structures to enable you to do a thorough assessment. Not only that, what is your reference point, what are the benchmarks, is it international, is it local, those are the parameters that we consider.

“We started in 2008, currently; we have over 90 fellows across various disciplines. We have Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Business gurus among others. The bottom-line is for productivity to be accomplished in Nigeria.”

On her part, an awardee, Executives Director, the Gap Nigeria, Moreen Eboigbe, said: “What the induction and award mean is that I am being called to do more in whatever thing that I have been doing.

“Also it means I have to put in more effort to ensure that I am not just working but I am working considering the input on what I am investing in my work.

“What you are investing in your work should be proportionate to the results you are getting.”

DG of the Centre, Dr. Chris Ebu, stressed that the centre is contributing his quota on enhancing productivity in Nigeria.

He said: “The impact would be felt when there’s increase in employment and standard of living. We are encouraging individuals to enhance their capacity to be more productive.

“What it means is that if each of our members can increase their productivity level by 30 per cent annually, in three and half years our productivity level as a nation will double, our GDP would double, our per capita income would double and the standard of living would also double as a nation.

“That is why we cannot leave it for the government alone. Productivity starts with individuals. So it’s a relationship between input and output.”

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