Pakistan bans Tik-Tok over 'immoral and indecent' content

Taaooma is Pioneering Stand-Up Comedy onTikTok

For the last three years, Taaooma has been at the heart of comedy and meme culture in Nigeria, gaining popularity for her engaging videos that give a satirical take on the family dynamic in an average Nigerian family.

Taaooma has adapted her humour to find a niche on the app as a meme specialist, creating with her own trend called #ItsMummy which has seen her rise to widespread popularity. To date, she has over 1M followers and has received over 11M likes across her videos.

Softmadeit is TikTok Dance Royalty.

Dance is central to the creative culture of TikTok, and Nigerian creator SoftMadeIt is one of the platform’s most popular local dancers and choreographers. He has built a following off his inventive approach to dancing to popular Nigerian songs such as Olamide’s “Julie” and old classics like Wizkid’s “Don’t Dull.” Most certainly a trendsetter, SoftMadeIt was also involved in the creation of the #GuitairDanceChallenge. Presently, Soft has grown his followership to over 600K followers and more than 4.5M likes across his videos.

Viral Sounds?


At the moment, no sound is as big as “Big Thug Boys” by AV. This sound has spawned a wildly popular TikTok challenge powered by distinctive dance routines. It has become a popular trend within the Nigerian TikTok community and has received over 29M views. Have you tried it?

I’m Coming Home

Inspired by Skylar Grey’s “I’m Coming Home,” the #ImComingHomeChallenge is a local dance trend with elements of meme culture that has been popularised by well-known creator, Jennifrank29. Fused with viral local moves like Slo-Mo, to get involved in the challenge participants are invited to pull off their best impression of the dance. Over 480K videos have been created using this sound and over 12M views have been received.

TikTok’s Q1 2021 Community Guidelines Enforcement Report

TikTok continues to bring visibility to the critical work of moderating content in order to keep the platform a safe and welcoming place for its community. In line with this, TikTok has published its Q1 2021 Community Guidelines Enforcement Report which reveals insights related to the enforcement of the platform’s Community Guidelines.

More Tok On The Clock: Introducing Longer Videos on TikTok

Understanding the need to create channels for creators to engage with their community for longer, TikTok has introduced the option to create longer videos – paving the way for even richer storytelling and entertainment. The global community will now be given the flexibility to film, upload, and edit videos up to three minutes in length directly within TikTok.

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