July 4, 2021

Abuja Woman “Explains” Natural Solution To Reverse Hypertension, Lower Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Naturally Without BP Drugs

Abuja Woman “Explains” Natural Solution To Reverse Hypertension, Lower Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Naturally Without BP Drugs

Dear friend,

If you’ve ever wanted to lower your high blood pressure or hypertension without using medications, drugs that comes with dangerous side effects, then this will be the most important message you will ever read.

The reason I said so is because you are about to discover a lasting solution to hypertension using a natural remedy that have been used by more than 2,700 Nigerian men and women to normalise high BP, improve blood circulation and heart health.

But before I share that with you, let me reveal how I came across this solution that gave me permanent relief from my high blood pressure.

I am a healthy 58 yr old and normally very active. But soon I noticed my BP was rising over the last year or so to 178/98 and my doctors put me on Amlodipine 5mg. Thats when it started.

Firstly, I usually experience a loss of energy, then total loss of stamina, I felt like a Zombie all the time.

As the month progressed I started to get forgetful, dizzy spells, very tingly left hand and painful joints all through my left side.

But then my BP did not drop as fast as I hoped so the Doctors added Lisinopril 2.5mg.

After two weeks I could not concentrate on anything people were telling me and to the point that I was becoming detached from the real world.

I suffered severe side effects, but the drugs just provided a temporary relief to bring down my bp levels.

I decided to cross-check which drug was causing this and first I removed the Lisinopril for a few days then swapped over to stopping Amlodipine.

I was monitoring my bp daily for the next few weeks, and discovered that these drugs were really the cause of the side effects and problems.

My goal then was to get off all meds and bring my BP readings down… and I said to myself “I am never going near those BP medications again, its a wrecker!”

And I started researching and looking for ways to normalise my BP readings. Some good moves to lower blood pressure are exercise regularly, lose weight, eat a healthy diet, limit your salt usage, drink alcohol moderately, if at all.

But it was not enough, so I continued looking for the best non-drug ways to reduce blood pressure?

Is it possible to do this without popping pills?”

The entire story changed for me, when I came in contact with an old time friend, however she has now relocated to Canada. I shared my experience with her about struggling with hypertension.

When she listened to my story, she explained how similar it was to her husband’s condition. He had uncontrolled blood pressure for years and the doctors kept doing the same tests over and over, and when they couldn’t figure out what to do next they just gave him more medication.

After discovering some natural remedies, his BP came down from 200/140 to 135/80 in just 3 weeks. The difference in his health and general wellbeing has been phenomenal.

Next, I asked her about the natural remedies her husband used. She introduced me to the exact same Anti-hypertensive tea that helped lower blood pressure.

Once I started using it, I noticed that my blood pressure was becoming normal, I slept well at night and I could perform activities without feeling dizziness. I no longer experienced fatigue, tiredness or aches.

After 3 weeks, I went for medical check-up, and this time around I found that my blood pressure was very normal.

My doctor was surprised and he repeated the blood pressure readings again just to be sure.

I’ve bought a bp monitor and my bp is a reasonable 121/83, I’m also trying something called the DASH diet which it is claimed can lower bp significantly (it’s not a fad diet, it just concentrates on healthy food).

He quickly took a look at the Anti-hypertensive tea that helped me normalized my blood pressure, did some research about it to ensure it has no side effects… and now he even recommends it for his patients with hypertension.

To make sure it works, I decided to get the same Anti-Hypertensive tea and give it to my Winners’ chapel church members with HBP…

And also some of my very close friends that had similar high blood pressure conditions.

Likewise, lots of them came back and were marveled about how the HBP solution tea helped normalize their blood pressure.

At this point, let me share with you the Anti-hypertensive remedy that cut down my blood pressure readings from 220/100 to 121/83 in just few weeks without any
side effects of any kind

“HBP Solution Package
Anti-Hypertension Tea”

“100% Natural HERBAL REMEDY for High Blood Pressure”

Natural Therapy & Safe Way to Lower High Blood Pressure,
Reverse Hypertension, Get Robust Heart Health, Prevent Stroke
and Break FREE from Hypertension Faster Than
You Ever Thought Possible
Each pack of Anti-Hypertension tea
contains 30 tea bags

The Anti-Hypertension Tea have been proven scientifically to help lower blood pressure, normalizes blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and reduces sugar level in the system.

It has the highest international certifications of approval, CGMP (Certificate Good Manufacturing Practices), HACCP, Healthcare Food Production License, QS.

It is manufactured by the biggest and professional tea bags manufacturer in China that has passed GMP and ISO9001 etc.

The Anti-Hypertension tea contains 30 tea bags in each pack and it is made from 100% herbal extract that has no side effects at all.

You see, the “secret weapon” of the Anti-Hypertension tea is that it contains herbal plant extract that after many centuries, science have shown that these herbs helps lower blood pressure,promotes shockingly powerful heart-health, reduces blood sugar, and even has anti-aging benefits!

The ingredients of the Anti-Hypertension tea are Gingko biloba, Mulberry leaf, Duzhong, Hawthorn, cassia seed and Astragaius.

These are rare hard-to-find herbs that can only be gotten in some specific countries and regions.

Mistake no mistake about it, these are highly effective herbs blended inside the Anti-Hypertensive tea, that will help lower blood pressure, improve circulation, lowers cholesterol and get robust heart health.

Here’s what to do when you get the Anti-Hypertension tea…

– Put 1 tea bag into a tea cup
– Boil water for up to 3 – 5minutes, then pour into the tea cup
– You can also add honey or lemon according to your personal taste
– Drink the tea morning and evening

When you start using the Anti-Hypertension tea, the results you will get is a gradual and continuous normalization of your blood pressure.

As you continue using it, you will experience improved blood circulation, and start noticing changes in your body system.

You would see for yourself how far you have gone in helping your body get rid of hypertension permanently without any side effects at all.

Here Are What some of the Customers that Have used
the Anti-Hypertensive Tea are Saying About it…

I had partial stroke and at the same time, I was hypertensive.
I have been battling with the problem for a very long time, until a friend of mine introduced me to the Anti-Hypertensive tea, I ordered the complete package with the tumtum capsules, now 6 weeks after using this product, I experienced a miraculous healing. my blood pressure is normal now, and reading about 126/83.
I couldn’t believe I could be on my feet again to live my normal life!

Alhaji D. – Garki, Abuja
I was in the hospital for a checkup last week friday, and found out that my bp has really gone down and no more pains. Am really enjoying my health now all thanks to the Anti-Hypertension tea and tumtum capsules you sent to us. My husband has even started using it.

Mrs. Bhadmus – Ikoyi, Lagos
After many years of managing my bp problems, I can say that I am almost finally free from hbp. my daughter order the HBP tea complete package and tumtum capsules from your store about a month ago. We went to the hospital for checkup and found out that my blood pressure was reading 128/89. I am having 6hours sleep and have been taking the supplements as recommended.
I’m just grateful for coming accross this amazing bp medications.

Charles (Rumuosi, Port Harcourt)
I am a 54 year old woman, really affected by hpertension. The sudden change caused me so much pains and agonies. I was introduced to this HBP solution tea package and my story has changed. I’ve been monitoring my bp and it gives 114/87 and later on 128/89. I feel so happy for this rapid effect of these supplements over my system.

Mrs. Okon (Anambra)

Since using the HBP solution tea I ordered from your store, and combined with the tumtum capsules, I found out that my blood pressure have dropped from extreme high readings of 180/84 to low 130/80 within few weeksI am satisfied with this program and will recommend to all my friends that have similar health issues

Mrs. Gloria – Effurun, Delta state

I decided to order for the anti-hypertensive tea for my mum. As she continued using it, we were checking her blood pressure reading biweekly and it was reducing. Within few weeks her blood pressure has normalised completely.

Now, she can sleep well without any worries of hypertension and no more severe pains she was experiencing before, we are so happy about the status of her health. Have sent your number to my elder brother in another state so he can get some of the HBP tea for himself too

Mrs. Victoria – Trans-Amadi, Port Harcourt

I’ve been struggling with hypertension and used drugs for several year but I decided to give the Anti-Hypertensive tea a trial bcos I was worried the side effects of drugs. Your HBP solution tea package and tumtum capsules helped reduced my blood pressure and improved my health. Will order again for my parents in the villa

Abdulkadir – Gwarinpa, Abuja

As you’ve just read, these people have experienced success and positive results from using the Anti-Hypertension tea without any side effects at all.

Truth be told, the Anti-Hypertension tea contains 100% herbal plant extract that works like crazy and are proven to help you normalize your blood pressure and say goodbye to hypertension within the next few weeks.

Here’s a breakdown of the price (depending on the option you’re ordering for)…

HBP Tea Mini package

 2 Packs (60 tea bags)

Discount Price = N23,000

HBP Tea Complete Package

 4 Packs (120 tea bags)(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Discount Price = N34,000

(plus special bonus)

Kindly note that each pack of the Anti-Hypertension tea contains 30 tea bags. The complete package is the highly recommended option as you will use the 4packs for over 60 days, to reverse hypertension, lower blood pressure and get rid of it permanently.

However, both mini package and complete package works effectively and you will experience positive changes in few weeks.

Yes, at this affordable discount price, you can say goodbye to High blood pressure or Hypertension and start living an healthy life.

But to Make It Even Better, When You Order Today, You will Also Get a FREE BONUS ENCLOSED to Your Parcel*NOT available anywhere else

Here’s how to get it: When you order for the Complete package supply of the Anti-Hypertensive tea at N34,000… you will get your own free bonus of the Tum-tum capsules for treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, cramps, joint pain etc.


Arthritis is a group of painful and degenerative conditions marked by inflammation in the joints that causes stiffness and pain. Osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis, gets worse with age and is caused by wear and tear over the years.

Tum-tum capsules is natural remedy for rheumatoid arthritis, waist pain, join pain, cramps, neck and leg pains, relieves pain and stiffness. 

It works better and faster than anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers, without any side effects. Tum-tum herbal capsules contains 60 capsules.

Tum-tum capsules is very effective, with no side effects at all and endorsed by professional physiotherapist as curative solution for arthritis, join pain, cramps, leg pain, rheumatism.

When you order today, you will get the Tum-tum capsules for free.

Remember, the free bonus is ONLY available to those that place their order right away. Don’t procrastinate, else you may not get it.

So the deal is, place your order for the HBP Solution tea complete package today, and you get access to the extra BONUS, absolutely FREE!

But there’s one thing you should know… this is a limited time offer and will not be available for long.

It’s either the price goes up or we go out of stock…

When we go out of stock, you may have to wait until the next shipment, and it might be at a much increased price.

So, go ahead, order now and start using these natural herbal tea to get a healthy heart and normalized blood pressure.

Follow the instructions below to place order, and get  the products delivered to your doorstep  (payment on delivery)Pay on Delivery Option Available to All States in Nigeria

Here’s How to Order for Your HBP Solution Tea Package at the Special Discount Price

Depending on the option that you are ordering for…

*If you are ordering for “mini package”… indicate the code HBP Solution tea mini package in your text message…

*If you are ordering for “Complete package”… indicate it “HBP Solution tea complete package” in your text message…

HBP Solution Tea Mini package – 

HBP Solution Tea Complete package + tum-tum capsules – 
N34,000Here’s what to send to us…

Text the option you are ordering for 
(HBP tea mini package or complete page) with the following information below…

1. Your Full Name
2. Your Phone Number
3. Delivery Address (home or office address)

Send This Information as a text message to 08174860522

Please Note: Your delivery address must include (your street name, town, local govt and state). Detailed Enough to make it traceable by our courier delivery man that will come around to deliver to you.

You will get a SMS and Call from us within 24 hours to confirm your Order Before we Parcel It Across to You.


Once we received your order, and your details are correct, you will receive an sms or call confirmation from us.

Your products will then be sent to our courier delivery and the items should get to you within 2-4 Days for nationwide delivery to other state, and 1-2 days for orders within Abuja and Lagos state.

Note: The product will be packaged discreetly and no one else will know 
what’s inside, and every other information will be kept 
private and 100% confidential.

Option 2

If you live in Lagos or Abuja, or nearby, you can also walk into our marketing department office to pick up the products.

You will meet our team ready to give you these products at same price…

That is you Pay at our office, and get it instantly

Vantagesoft Marketing Enterprises
Block B, Suite 9, Primal Tek Plaza, Beside ECO centre, 
by Mokola Bus stop, opposite Gowon Estate Market,
Egbeda-Idimu road, Egbeda, Lagos.
Suite 3B, First Floor, Shopping plaza beside NNPC Filling station,
opposite LHS school, Ilo awela road, by Toll Gate Bus stop, Ota
off Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway

orAbuja office Hub: Suite E19, second floor, EMAB Plaza, Wuse 2, Abuja

(Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm)

Customer support line: 08174860522

That is all you have to do to get access to the High Blood pressure solution pack.

It has helped lots of Nigerian men and women normalize their blood pressure, reverse hypertension and lower blood fat, sugar… and definitely your own case will not be different… it will change yours too!

Remember, the Anti-Hypertension tea is definitely going to be the exact solution you will need to promote healthy blood pressure and reverse hypertension, without any side effects whatsoever.

Here’s a chance to finally reverse hypertension, normalize blood pressure without depending on chemical drugs ever again.

Go ahead and take advantage of this natural HBP solution NOW. 

 Mrs. Rita