By Sen Christopher Ekpenyong

The National Working Committee, NWC, National Executive Committee, NEC, and Board of Trustee, BOT,  of the PDP should go back to the drawing board and reinvent the vision and the original mission of the PDP in 1998, when the party had a vision and a mission which is to have an inclusive party for all Nigerians. 

 If the party wants to take over power, it has to restructure the party and make it the next alternative for Nigerians.  We should learn from the mistakes of the past, especially when we were in power for 16 years. Those mistakes made Nigerians  to think otherwise

But we can reignite the love again for the PDP.  The masses can identify the difference between PDP and APC. Although the PDP wasn’t perfect but it’s not as nepotic as the APC, where everything about Nigeria and Nigerians are moving backward.  PDP still has a chance.

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The party should take advantage of the failure of APC, because Nigeria still has the problem of corruption, intense insecurities and massive poverty. The nation is in dire need of leadership, leadership that can proffer solution to the epileptic state we are now

The PDP should go back to the ideology of the founding fathers that made the whole nation fell in love with it and massively voted for the party in 1999. It was a solution-oriented party then

Imposition killed the party where certain people became demigods and tried  to impose their will on the people, which made the masses shift grounds and made them easily deceived by the APC

But the leadership of the party can take the party back to the people, where the people had the power and enabling environment to choose their leadership and their candidate. Party is about people not about the elite

Let us go back to the structure of our foundation where the party was strong and the hope of the common man.  The NWC, NEC and the BoT should reintegrate the party into the fabrics of the hopes and aspirations of the people

As the APC took advantage of the PDP, the PDP should also take advantage of the APC’s failure in 2023. We should come out with a workable blueprint and steps to actualizing it. We should also bring in those who will serve as our think tank. This nation needs solutions to our numerous problems and the PDP can reposition it self to provide that solution  with a candidate chosen from a credible party process

Finally, the party should work to galvanize Nigerians and open the political space to be more attractive to stray and new members. 

2023 is around the corner we can start now. 

*Ekpenyong, a senator representing Akwa Ibom Northwest Senatorial District in the Senate, writes from Abuja 


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