New technology makes tumour cells to self destruct

By Dr Kelechi Okoro

Cancer is a disease in which some of the body’s cells grow uncontrollably and spread to other parts of the body. Cancer can start almost anywhere in the human body, which is made up of trillions of cells.

How to prevent it

A healthy lifestyle and early detection and prompt treatment is key! All these processed and artificial foods are killing us.
Stick to fresh foods and organize foods.
Antioxidant rich foods are great.
Maintain a health weight.
Exercise regularly.
Take the stairs more and ditch the elevator less.
Cycle and walk more… entering car every time is sickness.
Get checked for preventable cancers.
Some are vaccine preventable… get vaccinated for those.
Be happy! Mental wellness and social wellness matters too.
Reduce alcohol intake (if you can stay away totally).
Stop smoking, especially shisha! Nothing Dey inside…. Na only death.

@healthertainer ARTIFICIAL SUGARS! Stop it! Stay off!
Soft drinks… they are not soft at all on your cells. There are natural foods and fruits that can give you that sweetness you crave.
CARBS! Too much carbs.. leave am!
RED Meat, please na… reduce it na if you can’t stop it!
What you put into you mouth goes a long way peeps!
Another shocker is you can do all these and still have cancer

CANCER IS A BASTARD! Some have no known causes. Some are hereditary. But it helps to live a healthy life style, do regular check ups and treat early when detected.

@healthertainer I said maintain a healthy weight before. But let me say it as it is, LOSE WEIGHT SOME WEIGHT.

Extra weight around the tummy increase risk of some cancers.
Leave processed meats alone! Hotdogs ain’t so hot anyways, they only hurt your health more.
You are safer with fish, chicken, snails.
Stop being a couch potato.

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Dear creative, get up from that bed, drop your phone or laptop and move your body! Meuuuuuuve! Protect yourself from carcinogens like chemicals from insect/weed killers, plastics,benzene, asbestos…etc. These agents are found around the things we touch or eat around the home and work places.

Find out what illnesses your parents/grand parents/relatives may have had or died from. It may be something that runs in your family and has been passed down. FIND OUT and get checked for them.

FOR CANCERS, EARLY DETECTION AND TREATMENT IS KEY! Get checked. Ultimately, Do your part and leave the rest to nature.

Sound Sultan died of angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma (AITL), affects white blood cells required to fight off infections/diseases. The body also starts to fight its natural cells as foreign bodies.

CAUSE IS UNKNOWN. Imagine the chances.


F**k you cancer. And I don’t excuse the French at all!

You fight and fight and still you lose!

Maybe it is a win.
A win from all the pain.
A win from this life of many sorrows and troubles.

The sound sultan lives on in our hearts for ever.

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