July 15, 2021

Abia 2023: It is turn of Isiukwuato – Abia Founding Fathers

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By Anayo Okoli – Enugu

AHEAD of the 2023 governorship tussle in Abia state, the founding fathers of the state have said that the the people of Isuikwuato District, in  Abia North Senatorial Zone, are the rightful people to produce the Governor of Abia state in 2023.

The elders said this would engeder peace, justice and harmonious coexistence of all parts of the people of the State.

They have, therefore, called on all political parties that want to field governorship candidates for the election in the state to ensure that they field a candidate from that district, saying such will ensure that an Isiukwuato person emerges the governor.

They made the position known in a six page press release issued on Tuesday, after a meeting in Aba. Entitled “Abia State Politics 2023, In The Spirit of The Charter of Equity”, they said that “the governorship candidacy should be based on merit, veritable track records of achievements in public or private capacity, integrity and the ability to take critical decision at critical times”.

According to them, Abia is one, if not the only state in the Federation endowed with a fundamental document, “The Charter of Equity” on good governance by the founding fathers and that it is one of the few states created following due process of agitation  for state creation.

The Chatter of Equity, they said, provides guidelines for equitable and even development of Abia state, and one of the guidelines is the rotation of the position of the Governor of the state according to alphabetical order of the letters of the word ABIA.


They explained further that many did not known that ABIA was coined from the first letters of the four former districts/Senatorial Zones that constituted the present Abia state.

They explained that the Chatter of Equity involved three major groups, Umuahia Senatorial zones, Aba Senatorial Zones and Isuikwuato district, and that all subscribed to the charter of equity, and jointly in the spirit of equanimity submitted a request and memorandum of understanding to the national Assembly for creation f Abia state from Old Imo state.

“They accepted the equity and equality of all the senatorial zones and Isuikwuato district District. Thus according to the chatter of equity, the governorship that is rotatory should have gone from the now Abia North Senatorial zone to Abia Central senatorial zone and then to Isuikwuato District (which did not happen) before Abia South Senatorial zone”.

“The death of Rt Hon. Dr. M. I. Okpara and Senator Jaja Wachukwu culminated in the political eclipse of Abia, and  those who did not know what happened have left the state in a worrisome  squalor”, they lamented.

They regretted that past Governors did not follow stipulated order of rotation, thereby rubbishing guidelines of the charter of equity and the good intentions of the Founding fathers. 

Those at the meeting include  Eze Ezo Ukandu, Sir B.R.C.Okoro, Chief Ekwuribe, High Chief Bernard Chukwu, HRM Eze Nwabiarije Enogwe, Dr. Onyike James Onyike, Chairman of the group and Prof. Nzeako who was was represented at the meeting, among others.

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