Festina Peters
Festina Peters

By Ayo Onikoyi

Nollywood actress and producer, Festina Peters is single and searching. It is almost unbelievable that a woman as beautiful as she is could be single and worse, not in any romantic relationship.

The Edo State movie maker made the revelations in a recent chat with Potpourri. Excerpts:

Are you married; If not, why?

I am not married, you have to be in a relationship before you can get married, so right now I am not in any relationship, I am still searching.

Is there something about you that scares men away?

I don’t know, I leave it to God. I can’t say if they are scared of something or not. A friend of mine once said that I look bossy.

But I am a very simple lady, I am free and playful, I accommodate friends, it’s just that I don’t joke with my work.

What kind of woman are you when in love and have you really loved someone romantically in the past and what was the experience like?

I could love when I’m in love. I don’t really fall in love but when I finally find love, I love for real. I dated my secondary school sweetheart. His name was Osas; he was my first love.

We had a misunderstanding and broke up, and this made me have the wrong opinion about love.

I fell in love over and over again with Kelly and West but all didn’t work out well. I was left with a painful heart as they all left me the same way.

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