To take a beautiful shot, you always have to check conditions and then intend to capture.

For instance, in a situation, say a spectacular scenery that sometimes makes it very difficult and complicated to take a photo.

But nothing could defeat photographers who are madly interested in this work.

Today, I am going to talk about a girl who is one of the greatest and most popular Iranian photographers who has been able to cross the boundaries of incredibility and becomes a very successful person in his life and highly influential in society, and has millions of fans.

Bahareh Salehnia, born in Iran on September 16, 1993, is now globally known and a self-made person.

Bahareh is one of the most tasteful photographers, whose interest in this field has always made her able to go further and further, and by running the MCSIP brand and sharing his photos in social media in a very pervasive way and engage people’s eyes and thoughts.

Bahareh, as a good teacher in photography, does her activities very seriously, and with the love she has for this work, she has been able to attract millions of fans from all over the world.

Bahareh recently answered a question she was asked about the photography concepts:

Photography is not an art, it is a culture, or rather a science that cannot be continued without acquiring it. Photographers produce and preserve images that capture a scene, create a story, or record an event. To create photos with high quality, photographers must have both technical expertise and creativity.

Creating a successful image requires selecting and presenting a subject with the ability to make a special impact and select the appropriate equipment. For example, photographers may enhance the appearance of a subject by lightening it, or by blurring the background to focus the viewer’s attention on a particular aspect of the image.

 Most people who want to hire photographers are mostly looking for people who have high visual imagination and in addition to a deep understanding of photography and imaging, also have outstanding creativity.

Those who work in facial issues or are active freely must have a high level of professional efficiency, and it does not matter if they have achieved this ability through formal education, experimental work, or professional work.

Bahareh launched its recent course, “Success in Photography” (MCSIP), which teaches lesser-known tricks and tips in professional photography. She has proven that MCSIP is very popular around the world, and has become the most popular photography course in Iran as well.


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