June 8, 2021

Nollywood actor Benjamin Joseph, US-based gospel artiste Nana Adwoa to release new song ‘I will praise’

Nollywood actor Benjamin Joseph, US-based gospel artiste Nana Adwoa to release new song ‘I will praise’

Multi award-winning actor, Singer, voice over artist and television presenter, Joseph Benjamin set to release his long awaited audio track ‘I will praise’. He described the song as ‘a direct call to heaven through praise’  and was recorded in collaboration with US-based gospel Minister, Nana Adwoa.

Joseph has long sourced for fame through entertainment right from an early age. He, however, kicked off his career officially as an actor by taking on a role in the movie titled, “Crossroads” in 1995. Shortly after, he began to pursue a full-time career in modeling and acting for television commercials in the print ads industry of Nigeria.

His quest to assert a full presence in the entertainment industry led him to begin venturing into other dimensions. He took the role of the (“Banker”) in the popular TV show (“Deal or No Deal”). While working on the show, his desire to express himself only intensified as his love for music began to develop.

He has so far, enjoyed a successful career winning several local and international awards alongside other recognitions.

His love for music and passion for God has seen him stand for truth and also express it through his morally driven lifestyle and music. He debuted his music in 2016, with two singles. So in Love (A song that expresses his love for God)Joy (A song of encouragement and hope) His Most recent single ‘I pour my love on you’ is currently making waves across the nation.

While reminiscing on the inspiration behind the song, he said:’ I got this song in the heat of the pandemic. I thought about a song that will be a source of encouragement and also a praise to God for what he has done. So when this came, I immediately knew this was it and I also wanted it to be a collaboration”.

On his collaboration with talented Ghanaian Us-based singer, Nana Adwoa, he added, ‘I wanted to do something a little different from just being specifically Nigerian. I wanted a song that will appeal to not just Nigerians. Moreso, I am very connected to the Ghanaian Community, my wife is Ghanaian. Nigerians also share almost similar values and sound in music with Ghanaians. So it just sat right in a good place to make it somewhat of a West African collaboration”.

Benjamin added much of his talent to this new single and will be hoping to inspire his loving fans across Africa and the world when it drops on 11th June on all online music stores, distributed by Prime Music partners.