June 30, 2021

Meet Dr. Becky Olubukola PhD:Nigeria’s leading Real Estate Mogul cum Philanthropist

Meet Dr. Becky Olubukola PhD:Nigeria’s leading Real Estate Mogul cum Philanthropist

HRH (Dr.) Becky Olubukola Ph.D, Erelu Atunluse from Erinmo Land of ErinmoIjesha, Osun State, is a successful serial entrepreneur, who has built a number of profitable businesses. The tycoon runs one of the largest conglomerates in Nigeria.

Dr. Becky believes that everyone deserves quality and affordable housing. She was convinced that the only way to have a lasting impression on the minds of people and democratize access to quality housing was to enter real estate. She is famous for her distinctive habit of giving back to the society at all times, she has done this countless times in records and non-records.

Dr. Becky Olu is not your ordinary businesswoman, she’s also an ambitious investor. No wonder no one has come close enough to claim her title. She is the most successful real estate mogul in Africa, and she is often referred to as ‘Africa’s Jagaban of real estate.

The real genius of HRH (Dr.) Becky Olubukola Ph.D is her ability to make something meaningful out of nothing. The business empire she began to build more than one decade ago, BSTAN Group, is one of the largest providers of homes in Nigeria as well as the most valuable conglomerate in West Africa. She is the founder of National House Fair, the largest real estate conference in West Africa. In the past four years, she has brought together over 950 exhibitors from 20 countries to meet over 15,000 industry decision-makers.

Expanding the Empire;
HRH (Dr.) Becky Olubukola has always reinvested the majority of her profits back into her businesses, one reason the company has grown so much since inception. Unlike many wealthy Nigerians who made their fortune in oil, Dr. Becky chose to go down a different path, the real estate industry. In an effort to put some of her cash reserves to work, Dr. Becky is working on a massive project, the National House Fair, which aims at helping everyone access quality shelter regardless of their income. If successful, it could significantly reduce Nigeria’s number of homeless people and boost Nigeria’s GDP

Awards and Charity Work:
HRH (Dr.) Becky is a leading philanthropist and founded her eponymous private charitable foundation called, Pricaso Care Foundation (PCF). The Pricaso Care Foundation (PCF) is dedicated to adding value to people’s lives across Africa by supporting health, education, and economic empowerment initiatives. Now, the foundation is the one of the fastest growing private foundations in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Pricaso Care Foundation (PCF) is focused on sustainable skill acquisition and empowerment for the relief system for Youths, Women, children, orphans, widows, boy-child and girl-child to facilitate sustainable community and national development.

HRH, (Dr.) Becky is a certified member of COREN, a chartered fellow member of Project Management Institute (PMI), Quality Assurance & Quality Control QA/QC, a Member of the Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE). She has received numerous awards both home and abroad.

Dr Becky Olu is also the Author of Bestselling Books “Alpha Woman” and “Making your Money Work”. Her giant stride in the business sphere is commendable and worthy of admiration.