Gillian Garcia is the founder of Ju Poppin, who recalls that when she started hairstyling almost everyone had healthy hair and now it is become rare to see someone with healthy hair. Ju Poppin, the brand which was founded just before the pandemic. Ju Poppin and its founder Gillian Garcia is on the mission to bring back the trend of healthy hair. They stand by their Moto which is Look Good Feel Good.

People have different aims when they are young and try their best to achieve their aim. But sometimes things do not happen as we plan or aim to be. The same is the story behind Ju Poppin and its founder Gillian Garcia. Gillian Garcia never had dreamt that she would take up hairdressing and hairstylist as her profession.

But circumstances force us to become what we never think of being. She was just a young little girl when her grandmother death changes everything in her life. She could not decide what to do and picked up hair education. She went to Ann’s Hair School in San Fernando Trinidad. She completed her courses and believed that being a hairstylist was a career that was chosen for her.

After years of hard work and dedication, she was able to create a brand that had a great impact on the lives of people. Gillian and Ju Poppin team has been putting in their effort to make the brand a famous name.

The aim of Ju Poppin is to bring back healthy hair and give the beauty community the knowledge and information regarding the care of hair and solutions for hair problems. They have special programs in which they train and teach talented hairstylist professionals about the secret of their specially prepared product. Ju Poppin is also very famous on social media platforms like Instagram Facebook and YouTube.

 The brand has its own YouTube channel on which they have more than 100K subscribers and they keep on uploading videos that provide much useful information regarding hair and useful tips to protect hair and keep it healthy.

Ju Poppin has achieved tremendous growth and success throughout the pandemic. Ju Poppin imports all the ingredients used in their products from all over the world and make sure the quality is 100% genuine and pure. The quality of all the raw materials is checked by the team for their clarity and purity.

Quality check is done in Canada after which the products are imported from Canada and blended together in the USA. All these products and Ju Poppin are gifts from the founder Gillian Garcia, who is an experienced Hairstylist, Content Creator, Educator and Philanthropist, who is on a mission to bring back the trend of healthy hair.

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