Dear Bunmi,

I am in my mid-20s and have been friends with Sharon since our secondary school days. She’s a lot prettier than I am and has no difficulty getting boyfriends. I, on the other hand, am the reserved type, though I’ve had my share of boyfriends.

Late last year, we met a marketer (video) at a party and, of course, it was Sharon he fancied. He, however, encouraged both of us to drop by at his main office and pick whatever video we fancied on the house.

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I work on the Island and, while doing my Christmas shopping, I went to his office to see what tapes I could get to give as gifts to friends. Chike, the chap, was in his office and asked that I should come in to see some current tapes he just bought. He urged me to pick as many as 10!  I was doing that with his help when he started complimenting my looks, and he said I had great boobs, as my friend’s were far too small.  I was elated. Sharon had always had the compliments but now, this Chike actually preferred me.

He was a fast mover and, in minutes, he’d locked his office door and was kissing me aggressively. In a flash, he pulled down my panties, expertly whipping a condom out of his pocket. He then made love to me.

I couldn’t blame him really and I didn’t know I was hurting Sharon as she had loads of men panting after her, until she confessed she was in love with him. I was guiltridden. 

So, when next Chike showed up at my office, asking when I could come to select some of the new videos in his shop and slyly asked that we had a repeat performance of what happened the last time, I told him to get lost.

He looked really annoyed and said if I didn’t show up, he would tell my friend that we’d slept together. I hope he’s bluffing.  But what if he isn’t?

Sanmi, by e-mail.

Dear Sanmi,

I wouldn’t rush to my friend to confess, if I were you. But you should have a defence ready for when this scumbag makes good his threat. It is bad enough that you made a bad error of judgment by having this needless fling, but you shouldn’t be made to suffer for it.

If the worst happened and he spilled the beans, then your friend would, at least, know the type of man she’s lumbered with. 


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