.Delta, Fulani

By Festus Ahon, ASABA

PEEVED by the threat issued by Fulani Jihadists to attack Asaba and Agbor, Club Anio 50, Wednesday, described the threat as not only grossly irresponsible but extremely reckless and provocative. 

The group in a statement by its President, Sir Michael Obinor, said: “That some terrorists masquerading as bandits and herdsmen have the audacity and temerity to threaten the Governor of Delta State, Asaba the capital and Agbor the home of the governor and happens to be the home of the Chief of Defence Staff is remarkably a barometer to measure how deeply the nation has sunken. 

“The silence of the Presidency and some notable statesmen oŕ groups of northern extraction lays credence to the theory that these terrorists mischievously branded bandits may indeed have the backing or complicity of some higher authority.

“We want to make it unequivocally clear that: Deltans fully support Senator Ifeanyi Okowa’s position both as spokesperson of the southern governors’ forum and as Governor of Delta State. 

“That we posit and support that modern and civilised cattle breeding and ranching techniques be used nationwide. However, if open grazing must be legalised, the northern states with massive savanna grassland (more than twice the southern land mass) are more suitable for open grazing. 

“To graze means to eat grass not farmers’ crops or produce. We endorse that no piece of Delta State land should be used for cattle open grazing. 

“We join other well meaning Deltans to state that an attack on one Deltan or his/her property or any facility in the state is an attack on all Deltans.

“The events of 1967 when our people in Asaba and other Anioma areas of current Delta State who came out in good faith and belief in one Nigeria to welcome the Federal troops were ruthlessly and gruesomely massacred should not repeat itself without consequences.

“Delta State and Anioma in particular warns against any unprovoked acts of aggression and violence against its people.

“Any unprovoked attack or violence on any part of Anioma will destroy the peaceful coexistence  of the people and non indigenous residents in our entire land which is undesirable. 

“We make it unambiguously clear that HE (Senator, Dr.) Ifeanyi Okowa as our elected governor who is constitutionally vested with authority over our land speaks for all the indigenous people of Delta state where oil exploitation that supports the entire country has significantly degraded our land.

“Let us remind every Nigerian that the country as currently constituted, its foreseeable future and prosperity depend almost entirely on the Niger Delta. Until the nation decides the way forward, no irresponsible group masquerading as herdsmen should destabilise the status quo by stiring the hornets nest or startling the goose that lays the golden egg.

“We unwaveringly support the restructuring of the country to a real federal system that enables good governance and exploits our endowed immesurable resources and diversity to build a nation that we would proudly bequeath to our children and generations yet unborn”.

Some Fulani Jihadists had on Sunday issued 72 hours ultimatum to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to withdraw his support for the ban on open grazing or risk Asaba and Agbor being attacked by them. 


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