June 26, 2021

‘Fall From Heaven’ The EP

‘Fall From Heaven’ The EP

In the much anticipated, yet still shocking occurrence, the EP we all waited with baited breath for, from fast rising star singer D’Chriz dropped on Friday June 25th 2021, and the reactions have been exceptional.

In an earlier statement from the singer and his management, it was revealed that the EP would carry five (5) soulful expressions from the artist which includes “Miss Your Love”, “Don’t Worry”, “Healing”, “7 Days” and “BOG” (Body Of A Goddess) in his bid to entertain, connect and reveal more about himself, his life and experiences to his fans and listeners.

At the mini EP listening party, the Artist was quick to express gratitude to his fans, producers and Management for making the project a reality.


He also expressed through a statement his hopes that fans can understand his realities and look beyond his limitations to appreciate the skill, talent and energy put into the project, and also continue with the love and support they have given him right from the start.

By subtle reminder, the artist and his management wished for fans and listeners to pay attention to all five (5) songs as they expose all our realities in on way or the other.

As earlier stated, the feedback from listeners have been outstanding, and it begs a simple question; “Why haven’t you listened to the EP “A Fall From Heaven” by D’Chriz?

It has been released on all platforms, so go online, stream it, play it over and over again, and your feedback would mean so much too, both to the artist and his management.

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