June 4, 2021

Compelling sound is not enough, I operate in multiple musical dimensions- Zed1st

Compelling sound is not enough, I operate in multiple musical dimensions- Zed1st

By Victor Arjiromanus

Rising Afro-Fusion music artist, Akpo Aweroswoghene Godfirst,  stage named, Zed1st, has attributed his rising fame in the music industry to his ability to operate in different dimensions of music.

 Born in Lagos and hails from Delta state Nigeria, Zed1st has overtime built his art on several resources while creating new exciting sounds and exploring the depth of Afro Beat in synch with the most amazing sounds around the world.

Reacting to a question on how he has managed to grow to  the level he is now, Zed1st who is signed to Timefirst record label said: “I tried to understand first, what the music industry and market  want, which is a personality who can capture the attention of a lot of people and become an idol to all”

Speaking on what inspired his latest project, he said: “My latest projects are inspired by both research and experimental music. My previous projects have all been influenced by natural, socio and political phenomena around me”, he said.

One piece of such inspirations is his track ‘Road’.

Continuing, he said “through my music, I pass a message of Hope. I prayed for the things I have now, so I’m never losing hope.

My fans and the industry should expect the unexpected from me as I’m looking to explore a different genre of music”

As for choice of famous artists he wishes to feature in the future, he said “l will love to feature a lot of Nigerian singers. I can’t pick a particular name cause I look up to a lot of artists. I respect everyone’s sound and would love to work with a lot of people”