L-R: Rev Tevin Okoh; President, Higher Impact Club, Mr. Salvation Alibor; Keynote Speaker , ED, Sahel Capital, Mr Olumide Lawson; receiving a Plague from,Managing director property Comrades Mr. Andrew Aderemi, presiding Pastor, Gospel Pillars Church, Ikeja, Apostle Abrich Agbi; Former President Higher Impact Club, Mr Kingsley Aigbona, during capacity development workshop by Higher Impact Club (HIC) of Isaiah Wealth Ministries held in Lagos.

By Moses Nosike

Isaiah Wealth Ministries under the supervision of the President, Dr. Isaiah Wealth and the grand patron of Higher Impact Club, International has created avenue in his ministry for youth empowerment.

From time to time the ministry has supported Higher Impact Club in carrying out capacity development workshop among our youths for empowerment. This year, it has organised seminars and workshop where seasoned professionals in different field of endeavour had done justice to topics as it relates to the present realities in our environment. Few months ago, it was on the theme: “Building from Small to Great”. The recent May edition is, “Good Money Habits”, where industry practitioners actually taught participants and young Nigerians that habit of saving money.

Keynote speaker, ED, Sahel Capital, Olumide Lawson said, “I always encourage people to cultivate the habit of savings no matter how small it is, and defuse the mindset that I’m not earning enough. You must discipline yourself to be able to save consistently, and you must track your spending to achieve goals. It’s hardwork that create changes, while discipline is the bridge between your goals and your accomplishment.

According to Lawson, you need will power to force yourself to delay gratification, and he encourages participants and Nigerian youths to do well and save for the future.

He also calls on the young Nigerians, participants to see a lot of opportunities in agriculture. Following the opportunities abound in agriculture, we ensure that people learn something in agriculture and we have been creating awareness so that people will learn more about agriculture and venture into it.

In addition, the programme also  featured a Cryptocurrency Analyst/Investor, Emmanuel Etitim, who discussed on the role of cryptocurrency in the global business transaction.

He advised those venturing into it for the first time should understand that Cryptocurrency is like normal money but is not issued by the central banks. “And to avoid pitfalls in when investing, one needs to understand the role of the game”.

Ïn the same vein, the President, Higher Impact Club, International Salvation Alibor said, “this edition was specifically planned to help the financial management of our members and general public. As the times are, a lot of people have cash crunch, and it has been a major challenge to people financially. Cash flow is no longer the way it used to be.

For our members, we want to teach them how to plan for the now, make sure that important things are taken care of, and also plan for the future so that when future challenges come they would have be well prepared ahead of time.

We also featured cryptocurrency knowledge class. That table talk was to educate our members what is happening in that industry. There had been a few news that affected how trading went on. For instance, the position of CBN, in not directing trading crypto in the banking sector. That affected a layman, but those who are knowledgeable about it know how to go about it. That is affected the value of Bitcoin dropping. So, some laymen in it lost money. We are educating them so that they don’t loose money in this season.


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