June 23, 2021

‘Apapa gridlock is colossal loss to small businesses’

'Apapa gridlock is colossal loss to small businesses'

George Utomhim

The Executive Secretary of the Society for Neighbourhood Peace and Development,  George Utomhim, has described the challenges arising from finding a lasting solution to the Apapa gridlock as multi-faceted.

According to Utomhim, who spoke in Lagos, advocacy and enforcement have not been taken seriously in tackling the problems, which have been compounded by lawlessness and extortion.

He further lamented the colossal losses suffered by small businesses that has crippled the once social life and activities of Apapa residents and its small business owners.

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Utomhim said: “The truth of the matter is that rather than the traffic gridlock subsiding, it is becoming more difficult to handle.

“Even companies and other agencies are deeply rooted in endless sharp endemic practices, which are further compounding the problems and plights of small businesses.

“Our organisation will continue to partner relevant stakeholders in restoring life and socio-economic bustling in Apapa.”

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