May 4, 2021

Mother, Pastor at loggerhead over missing daughter’s whereabout

Mother, Pastor at loggerhead over missing daughter’s whereabout

Shina Abubakar – Osogbo

A mother, Bukola Ayeni on Tuesday urged concerned authorities to prevail on one Pastor Ola John to intensify effort in the search for her missing 18-year-old daughter.

According to the woman, her daughter, Rauf Mariam has been missing for over a month while the pastor, with whom she lived since 2019 is not showing enough concern.

She added that the girl was allowed to live in the Church because it is located at Arogunmase area of Oke-Baale, Osogbo, where they also live and as part of a condition to heal her of bedwetting.

“My daughter went to school, Baptist Girls Secondary School on the said day, March 29, 2021, till this moment I have neither seen nor heard from her.

“She was living with Pastor John in the Church since 2019 because she bed wet as a teenager and a friend directed me to the pastor. After narrating her situation, he advised me to allow her to be sleeping in the church. We allowed her since it is within Arogunmase.

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“She only comes home to change her dress and eat before going to school. She spent most of her time at the church and the hair salon, where she is undergoing training.

“Sometime this year, my husband opined that she should relocate back to the house since she no longer beds wet, I told the pastor to allow her to come back home but he said she has to spend more time in the church. I recall on two occasions that she sleeps at home, she seems to be in trance at night and we let her go back.

I want the entire world to come to my rescue, it over a month now and the pastor seems not to care, I have not seen or hear from her”, she pleaded.

However, Pastor John said he was not aware of the girl’s whereabouts, adding that he had incidents the matter before the police at Oke-Baale area of the state.

“I have been making frantic efforts to locate the girl. However, one of her friends confided in me that she intends to run to the Eastern part of the country to hawk herbs with the help of her boss at the hair salon.

“I offered to help her while in trouble, I cannot just be staying back now that she is missing. I have also asked many people to be on the lookout while I keep probing whether her boss was truly involved in her running away from home”, he said.

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