Welcome to my personal Leanbean review…

I have to say I have never been overweight.

But that does not mean I did not want to look like those utterly shapely, toned and super fit women that I kept seeing on websites and fitness manuals.

You see, I have made up my mind to turn over a new leaf and become fit and lean myself.

But nothing happens just like that in life.

Pursuing this goal of mine meant setting a target to look a certain way.

There were certain body statistics I aspired to including waist measurements and other stuff.

The problem arose when this stubborn patch of roundness around my belly simply refused to melt away.

To achieve this, I tried diets of all kinds, rigorous and seemingly impossible, I bent my body into inhuman shapes, but all to no avail.

I realized I needed something that would target stubborn fat pockets and melt them away with use while not causing any harmful side effects.

Discovering Leanbean to help me in my quest for fat burn has been one of the biggest highlights for me recently.

Not only has my pursuit of a perfect body type been successfully furthered, but I have also developed a legion of fans of my own.

LeanBean Review – Is This Fat Burner Worth It?

What is Leanbean?

Leanbean is a weight loss product designed exclusively for women, which has been formulated to provide holistic wellness to the user.

Besides fat burn, it charges the metabolism and provides energy.

It is completely natural in composition and spares the user from untoward side effects.

Who made Lean bean?

Leanbean is manufactured and marketed by Ultimate Life Ltd., a leading player in the dietary supplement industry.

The company is headquartered at York Place, Leeds, UK.

The marketing and manufacturing units are in the USA and UK from where this supplement is shipped globally to users.

Why was LeanBean Fat Burner created?

Lean Bean was created with an eye to the huge demand for safe and effective weight loss in women.

Along with a whopping dose of appetite suppressant, it also caters to women’s wellness in general with its thoughtful choice of ingredients.

For a very long time, women had to contend with health supplements that catered to the needs of men with a line saying ‘women could use it too with physician approval.’

This meant there was always an element of uncertainty regarding the safety of consuming such products in the long run.

It is a fact that to shed fat and keep it away for food needs sustained effort and supplements.

If there is always lurking doubt in the mind about a product, results from the same would be far from optimal.

This is what drove the makers of Leanbean to come up with a product targeted exclusively at women.

It would take into consideration not only specific issues but target women’s wellness overall.

It is little wonder that there have been such raving reviews by women from across the globe.

My Weight Loss Journey

When I chose to get on a diet supplement to get back in shape, I have to admit I was skeptical.

So were people around me.

To be honest, it is natural to have doubts about products that promise too much.

However, when I decided upon Leanbean, I found that many women celebrities were endorsing it.

Now, everyone knows that celebrities are who they are because they answer to a certain appearance.

Their entire package, if it can be termed that way, involves not only looks but being able to be on demanding schedules day in and day out without appearing jaded or tired.

This meant that any woman celebrity endorsing a health supplement would have to hold.

Among the list of celebrities who speak for Leanbean is ex-surfer Bree Kleintop.

She has not only participated professionally with global athletes but is also a model.

I made it my goal to aim for this kind of silhouette with enviable curves and washboard abs.

Along with putting up a chart for a healthy diet and rigorous exercise, I began on Leanbean to help me lose stubborn fat deposits while supplementing my body with minerals and vitamins needed to sustain this journey.

And I am so glad that after a few months on this schedule, my love handles are off, my muffin top has melted, and I am so toned and fit my friends are totally impressed.

How does Leanbean work?

Let’s look at how Leanbean works to get rid of stubborn fat and give you the body you desire.

Step 1 – Curb food cravings

Leanbean has included some specific ingredients in its formula.

Out of these, glucomannan leads the race to be one of the foremost ingredients that are very effective in reducing food cravings.

Step 2 – Supercharge metabolism

Ingredients like turmeric and cayenne pepper help boost metabolism. Leanbean has them all.

Step 3 – Create a healthy body balance

Leanbean has included an established antioxidant like green tea to get rid of toxins.

There is also the dual effect of vitamins B6 and B12 that help the user to feel more energetic and also to recover from exertions and help in your weight loss goals.

Step 4 – Maintains blood sugar levels

Leanbean contains Chromium picolinate which helps maintain blood sugar levels. It helps produce Hydrochloric Acid which improves digestion.

Step 5 – Reduces harmful cholesterol

Leanbean has components that check harmful cholesterol buildup in the body.

Ingredients in Leanbean

The following are the main ingredients of Leanbean:

1) Konjac Fiber 3000 mg

This is the hero ingredient of Leanbean.

It is a natural appetite suppressant that is present in a humongous dosage of 3 g in the formula.

It is known as Glucomannan and is so efficacious as an appetite suppressant that even EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) approves of it for weight loss.

2) Choline

This ingredient is essential to the normal functioning of our body, but strangely enough, it is not produced in adequate amounts by the body.

This means that besides what is synthesized by the liver, outside supplementation is needed.

Question is, why is this component needed in a fat loss product.

3) Vitamin B6

This set of vitamin b helps in the production of melatonin and serotonin that are good hormones for the body.

It helps maintain a robust metabolism.

It is great for immunity boosting.

The heart and brain are found to be healthier with the user of this essential vitamin.

4) Vitamin B12

Another important vitamin in the family B vitamins.

There is nothing new that can be said about the benefits of vitamins that have already been said on multiple platforms already.

Of the many different vitamins, B6 and B12 help maintain optimum body weight and hence are a part of the Leanbean composition.

5) Chromium Picolinate

For those on the lookout for a healthy and robust metabolism, chromium is essential to their plans.

It is a trace mineral that is known to boost macronutrient metabolism.

It has also been shown to support blood glucose levels.

This means insulin sensitivity remains balanced.

6) Chloride

One of the electrolytes that are vital to maintaining proper body balance, the right amount of this keeps the user well hydrated.

It helps in improved digestion.

7) Zinc

This is one of the important minerals that a normal human body requires for natural functioning.

The presence of zinc helps in fat and carbohydrate and fatty acids metabolism.

More importantly in the context of Leanbean, it boosts protein production.

It is known that the more proteins in the body, the better the quality of the muscles.

It also helps reduce cravings and helps increase immunity.

8) Green Coffee Bean Extract

Roasted coffee beans are the most popular form of consuming coffee worldwide.

This method, however, potentially robbing the natural goodness of the green coffee bean. appetite suppressants.

Green coffee beans are rich in antioxidant chlorogenic acid.

9) Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia a tropical fruit often used in adding a special dimension to food.

The peel of this fruit is rich in hydroxy citric acid, which helps to block the enzyme citrate lyase that is often responsible for fat gain.

It is very popular as a weight loss aid.

Garcinia Cambogia is an effective appetite suppressant and helps to cut fat and lose weight in the process. Leanbean uses this and hydroxycitric acid in suppressing appetite and achieve fast fat burning.

10) Acai Berry

Found in abundance in nature around the countries of South and Central America, it is full of antioxidants.

This helps to rid the body of toxins and free radicals and helps to keep the body in great shape.

They might also help improve brain function in users.

11) Turmeric

A condiment known for ages as a thermogenic, turmeric is also a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Any ingredient that is a natural thermogenic helps to burn fat in the body and results in weight loss.

The famed antioxidant, curcumin, is extracted from turmeric.

Turmeric also has antiseptic properties among its many positives.

12) Piperine

Extracted from natural black pepper, piperine lends a distinctive taste to this condiment.

It is an excellent ingredient that helps in blood sugar control in conjunction with curcumin.

Black pepper also aids the maximal absorption of vital nutrients, thus improving the effectiveness of other components present in Leanbean which helps you lose weight in the long run.

13) Potassium

Leanbean contains a very essential mineral, potassium.

This component helps combat fatigue, which can become a deterrent in consistent rigorous workouts at times.

Potassium helps in effective muscle contraction, thus aiding post-workout muscle recovery.

It also helps eliminate water retention, thus promoting lean muscle mass.

14) Cayenne Pepper

We know about ‘red hot chili peppers’ but how many of us know that cayenne pepper is extracted from the same and is a very healthy ingredient when used for the right purposes.

15) Raspberry Ketones

This ingredient adds a fruity flavor to Lean Bean.

Their role in fat loss is again inconclusive but in simpler life forms there is some suggestion that it aids weight loss.

Who should not use Leanbean?

  • This is for adult women only. Anyone below the age of 18 should not use this product.
  • The ingredient list for this natural supplement has been discussed in detail in the section above. Any new user must go through this list to determine if there are any components they might be allergic to.
  • Women who are already on medications for some preexisting condition must consult their physician before taking Leanbean.
  • Pregnant or lactating women must desist from taking LeanBean.

What are the cons of Leanbean?

  • This product is only available online. While it is convenient to order online, some people still prefer seeing a new product physically before making a decision.
  • Leanbean is a very good fat burner targeted at women and is very effective in what it does. Having said that, it is essential that users put in every effort with regular workouts to get the best results and lose weight.
  • There have been some bloating and stomach issues reported in early users of Leanbean. The Ultimate Life Ltd manufacturers are open to all feedback regarding the product and efforts are always on to further improve.

Leanbean Reviews from Customers


After around 10 days I noticed all my cravings had gone and I could see my shape changing. Within 2 weeks I had a lot more energy, I was feeling on top of the world and full of life”.


No jitters at all, I didn’t get ‘ragey’, they made me stop my snacking, made me sweat more when I did exercise (meaning more calories burned!), and most importantly I lost the stone in weight I had gained in 2 months, meaning it was slowly lost. It’s a great fat-burning and weight loss supplement” 


I absolutely love Leanbean because it is an all-natural product that actually works and makes me feel better than ever! I am so happy with this product and would definitely recommend it to everyone.” 

Like I already stated, the response to Leanbean on different online forums is overwhelmingly positive. Making it one of the best weight loss supplements in the market.

These kinds of leanbean reviews are what new users look at before taking a definitive decision.

After all, they are committing to a new product for the longish term with their decision.

And these positive reviews help everyone take a leap of faith.

I am so happy I kept an open mind and decided to go with this women-oriented natural weight loss supplement.

My friends are equally delighted and some of them are convinced enough to have joined the Leanbean challenge.

What are the pros of Leanbean fat burner?

  • Leanbean fat burner is an all-natural supplement for weight loss in women.
  • This is one of the most successful dietary supplements exclusively created for use by women.
  • It is created to target stubborn fat in the body.
  • One of the best products in the market to achieve body goals.
  • Leanbean weight loss pills contain no harmful chemicals.
  • It has an impressive list of celebrities endorsing the positives making it one of the top weight loss supplements in the world.
  • With use, one begins to notice lean and trim physique, toned musculature reduction in body fat.
  • There is increased vitality and more energy in daily interactions.
  • Metabolism gets into a kickstart mode by using the Leanbean weight loss formula.
  • The glucomannan in the composition helps to create a full feeling and suppresses craving.
  • Users across the board have reported improved focus that helps in getting through rigorous workouts on a regular basis.
  • Leanbean ships worldwide, irrespective of where the user is located. Needless to say, shipping times vary depending upon the geographical location.
  • There is improved digestion noted among users after one month of using Leanbean fat burner.
  • Blood sugar levels are maintained at acceptable levels with this supplement.
  • There is a definite upswing in energy levels and a positive attitude towards life in general.
  • There are no untoward side effects reported from using this supplement.
  • The manufacturers offer a remarkable 90-day money-back guarantee that comes with Leanbean fat burner and is a testimony to the effectiveness and overall positive response to this.
  • It is manufactured under GMP standards in strictly sterile conditions.
  • Leanbean is shipped from UK and USA worldwide to all locations, and free shipping is provided on a specific package called Bikini Body Bundle included in a bottle of leanbean.
  • Leanbean fat burner is a vegan-friendly formula that can be used by every woman with any kind of food sensibilities.
  • Leanbean is very easy to take, it is just about popping two capsules thrice a day as per instructions. One must be careful to never overdose though.

While all of these pluses played a role in helping me arrive at my decision, the fact that EFSA endorses this played a big role.

Insider Information on Lean bean

Leanbean is a dietary supplement aimed exclusively at women users.

While it contains nothing that might be detrimental to male users, it is generally not meant for them.

When I began using Leanbean fat burner supplement and it began showing results, my husband also felt tempted to do the same.

He was disappointed there was no discernible effect on him while I kept getting more and more shapely and toned.

Buying Advice

I have said it earlier, and I will say it again – one must buy only from the official website.

As most of us in this quest for fat cutting are aware, there are multiple products in the market, each promising more than the other in an effort to get heard.

In this race, there are some spurious fat burners too that users might not be able to distinguish between.

It is for these reasons that purchasing from the website is a must.

The Leanbean official website also offers wonderful discounts and surprise offers to users that can be availed only on the website.

These offers are very attractive, another reason to visit the website directly and kickstart your weight loss regimen.

My Final Verdict

I have had a remarkable run with Leanbean for the last 6 months.

Like I said at the very beginning, I was not overly fat, but definitely wanted to look a certain way.

This is something I have successfully achieved and I am more than happy where I have reached now.

I have made a whole new set of friends with the fitness world opening up for me.

Additionally, a few of my friends have gotten inspired enough, by seeing my transformation, to join the Leanbean bandwagon.

I am sure this cycle will repeat with them, pulling in new people and creating a world of fitness.

Give Leanbean a try, girls!

Many of you might already have tried some of the other weight loss products to unsatisfactory results.

Embrace the leader in this field and see how life-changing it can be.

Frequently Asked Questions about Leanbean (FAQs)

Is Leanbean safe to use?

Yes, this fat-burning supplement has been extensively tested and found to be completely safe for use over a prolonged period of time.

There are no harmful chemicals present in the supplement that is specifically made for women.

How long does it take for Leanbean to work?

It is good to remember that Leanbean is an all-natural fat-burning and weight loss product and will work its magic on the user.

It took about 2 weeks of use, religiously without fail before I began noticing visible weight loss results.

The spurt in energy I was feeling helped me power through my workouts much more easily. So I’d recommend you take leanbean religiously for at least 2 weeks.

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