May 6, 2021

Jackson Lintz talks about BitClout and more

Jackson Lintz talks about BitClout and more

On March 24, 2021, a website called BitClout went live. BitClout is a cryptocurrency social media network where users can bet on the reputation of people. Any user that joins the platform automatically has their own what is called a “Creator Coin”, and users on the platform invest based on the coins perceived value.

The site uses blockchain technology and Twitter accounts to populate well known profiles (like celebrities). Anyone in the world can create a profile, and anyone who has bitcoin has the opportunity to convert it into BitClout and invest. Users can even post status updates. BitClout gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘social currency.’

Household names like Ariana Grande and Elon Musk appear on the platform, but many haven’t claimed their tokens yet. Meanwhile, young entrepreneur Jackson Lintz jumped on the opportunity to have a coin. Lintz is a collector of blue checkmarks and specializes in website development and personal branding. It makes sense that Lintz is into the idea of monetizing clout.

Lintz is one of three partners in HighKey Enterprises LLC. He co-owns a business empire that includes HighKey Clout, a company specializing in celebrity giveaways. Before BitClout ever launched, Lintz always had a vested interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

“Blockchain and cryptocurrency are like the internet 30 years ago… Most people were skeptical at the start, but as efficiency, speed and security increased so did the amount of users” says Lintz.

HighKey launched a coin on March 29, only days after the platform’s creation. Lintz says he and his brothers were the first to invest in their coin @highkey. Within 72 hours, the @highkey coin got verified and reached its market cap of $600,000. Jackson Lintz says BitClout provided the perfect opportunity for what they wanted to do with Clout being a currency.

Lintz posted a photo on BitClout showing the HighKey coin under LeBron James’s coin. The update said, “a very cool moment in history. Only one way up from here.”

The Lintz brothers built HighKey by investing their profits into their digital reputation. Lintz says they take that same approach with cryptocurrency opportunities. If you find a way to do something that works, why not replicate it?

Lintz says he and his brothers are highly invested in BitClout. Although the site is in its beta stages, they don’t plan on slowing down.

“We’ve talked about creating something that blurs the line between crypto and social media, but first we want to release our cryptocurrency.”

Lintz says they want to create a crypto currency HighKeyCoin to release to the exchange soon. The HighKey team plans to combine their bitcoins for a bigger market impact. The future of clout could be Creator Coins, and people like Jackson Lintz are betting on it.