By Ayo Onikoyi,

Actress Moyo Lawal has oftentimes been described as “wild” and “controversial” by many on account of her social media activities. Her Instagram page is replete with pictures and captions some may perceive as a bit over the edge and it does appear to take no skin off the teeth of the actress until now when she posted something totally uncharacteristic of her perceived nature. And it seems we have all misread Moyo all along.

“If by now, you still haven’t learnt that a person’s image has almost nothing to do with their true personality I don’t know what to tell you …. a lot of people forget social media is actually just a digital tool that allows users to share ( controlled) content with the public,” she began, saying in no clearer terms she is not who she portrays on social media.

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“Too many horrible things going on behind closed doors but because we live in an image-conscious society, we all will continue to suffer and it is not stopping anytime soon, no matter the outrage. Maybe someday …. we can revisit actually teaching our children that our true value and integrity lies in what we do when nobody is watching instead of teaching them to be on their best behaviours when someone is watching,” she added.

Moyo has shared a lot of crazy content in the past and this may just be her way of telling us it wasn’t her we saw or knew but her social media alter ego.

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