Not all people are born entrepreneurs. Some develop entrepreneurial skills along the way, while fewer still develop them early on, keep growing, and end up outranking their peers and contemporaries. Meet one such young entrepreneur, Jesse McInnes from Sunshine Coast, Australia, who shares his incredible story.

Jesse McInnes is just 22 and runs the successful million-dollar digital marketing agency, IG Flourish, along with his friend and business partner Walter Zanetti. Having heavily invested in Bitcoin and reaping great paybacks from it, he also runs a monthly cryptocurrency mentorship program to serve as a beacon for fledgling crypto enthusiasts.

McInnes states three main factors as the pillars for his swift and astounding success – forging partnerships and relationships, innovation and adaption, and shrewd decision-making.

Jesse McInnes’ first wise decision was selecting his business partner after much consideration. He declares that this is such a critical decision that it can make or break an undertaking. He asserts the significance of forging valuable and long-lasting bonds across the industry. It was not always an easy ride for McInnes.

Since his digital marketing agency was primarily dependent on Instagram, periodical updates to Instagram’s algorithms meant newer existential challenges to his business. While most of his competition was trampled, McInnes managed to prevail by constantly innovating and adapting to the new changes.

Coming from humbler beginnings, Jesse McInnes determined early on to turn his fortunes around. After first setting sights on Bitcoin in 2013, he recognized its potential and began investing in it after much reflection. He then founded his digital marketing agency with his business partner when he was 21. And there was no turning back for McInnes since then. His impressive feats include winning multiple business awards in his teens, buying an Audi r8 supercar at 21, owning a dream home at 22, and so forth.

Says McInnes, “All you need is the right amount of zeal and prudence to excel in your business and achieve your dreams.” Indeed, his story has stuff that dreams are made of, which promises to inspire many aspiring entrepreneurs for years to come.

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