May 25, 2021

I am not Bashir Jamoh, says Hamza Ibrahim Jamo

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A retiree with Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Mr. Hamza Ibrahim Jamo has refuted claims by a report carried by an online media (Name withheld), associating his person with one Dr. Bashir Jamoh.

Hamza Ibrahim Jamo who retired from NNPC over 35 years ago after a meritorious service was quick to his defence and further revealed he had never met Dr. Bashir Jamoh before and had no relationship with him.

In a statement released to the media, obtained by Vanguard, Ibrahim Jamo claimed that with the news that has gone viral on the social media, that certain individuals had sought to blackmail his person who they assumed was the Dr. Bashir Jamoh.

He stated that the attempts of the blackmailers were also done through phone calls and chats but were eventually left as empty as they had arrived.

According Hamza Jamo, the two names are not the same person and should not be seen as one person. He reiterated that the name in question bearing Dr. Bashir Yusuf Jamoh, according to reports is being investigated with financial issues.

Mr. Hamza Ibrahim Jamo, a retiree of the NNPC as stated earlier, is presently engaged with a training firm, Talent Expertise International (TEI) in Dubai as their representative in Nigeria. Hamza has categorically stated that he has no connection with Dr. Bashir Jamoh and he is not related to him.

Speaking further, he said, “Yes, because I retired from NNPC after 35 years of service and joined a training firm Talent Expertise International in Dubai as their representative in Nigeria, I have never been involved with any business with such name or agency.”

Also in a reply to the report, Hamza Jamoh said: “This is a planned blackmail by some unknown people. I have never seen Bashir face to face in my life. Please confirm your record. I want to also advise that the writer of this story should drop this move as he will never succeed in that cheap blackmail,” Hamza said.

John Philp, Chief Executive Officer of the  training firm, TEI based in Dubai, in a reaction stated, “Talent Expertise International (TEI) has equally followed up on this with a recent published letter, disassociating themselves from the name in question.

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“To whom it may concern: It has been brought to the attention of the board of directors of Talent Expertise International (TEI) of a fake notification circulating on social media which implicates TEI, along with four other organisations in an alleged fraudulent scam.

“I wish to confirm that Talent Expertise International is operating in Dubai, UAE and Abuja, Nigeria. Our Nigeria office has no connection with Dr. Bashir Yusuf Jamoh. Contrary to the said fake notification, Dr Bashir has never at any time held any position within TEI and he has never had any role in the formation or running of this company.

“I wish to also confirm that at no time in the past has TEI had any formal or informal client/supplier relationship with such name.

“Talent Expertise International is being represented by Mr. Hamza Ibrahim Jamoh as its local Nigerian Director, a retiree from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation,” stated Philip