May 22, 2021

Gtext Homes plant 1000 trees in Lagos, Abuja

Gtext Homes plant 1000 trees in Lagos, Abuja

In corroboration with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Gtext Homes have embarked on a tree planting exercise in all of their estates in Lagos and Abuja.

Speaking at the event, Opemipo Loto, Sales Manager, Gtext Homes clarified that the trees that were being planted have been carefully selected for warmth and comfort for residents of their estates.

“One of the species of trees we are planting today is gardenia. It is a flower that has a very good scent. Its scent is inviting; it also has a vanilla fragrance. It makes the environment sweet to come in to and also colourful; it has a sharp green colour. Apart from the global warming that we are trying to tackle, we want to create an environment that is serene and very comfortable. A luxury of nature,” she said.

Chioma Orazudike, Business Development Manager for Gtext Homes further affirmed that a total number of 1000 trees will be planted in all of their estates as a start.

“We would be planting a total of 1000 trees today and this is part of our green and smart home that we are working towards. Tree planting is the green part of green and smart homes where you have an eco-friendly environment. Also, tree planting helps in climate change; it controls erosion; it helps to ensure that we are breathing clean air and it is for a sustainable environment, which is key for us. We want an environment that is safe for all. The tree planting exercise is a key part of Gtext Homes vision, and this will not be the first and last. It is a continuous thing for us,” she said.

Dr Stephen Akintayo, MD Gtext Homes, speaking from the Abuja estate revealed that Gtext prides itself on keeping to their word.