May 4, 2021

Folashade Olukoya: Giving hope, transforming lives with books

Folashade Olukoya: Giving hope, transforming lives with books

Anyone who has read the over 250 books authored by the General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), Dr. Daniel Olukoya, can attest to not only the depth of spiritual wisdom rooted in the books, but also the artistic and creative illustrations that graced their covers.

The imaginative designs of the book covers often come with exceptional glitz and precision that can arrest the nosiness of any avid reader. But the brain behind these numerous striking illustrations has been no one, but Folashade Olukoya, the amiable wife of the MFM GO.

With her endearing demeanor, intelligence and spiritual proclivity, the woman has been providing solid leadership alongside her hubby and this has expanded the growth of the church for the past thirty years. But despite her ministerial role in the church, Mrs. Olukoya is often described as a woman of many parts, perhaps because she has been impeccably combining her clergy responsibilities with gospel ministrations, writings, and visual artistry.

Being an alumnus of the Darnley Career Academy, London (UK), a college of Arts, Fashion and Textile design, Mrs. Olukoya holds a diploma in Fine Arts and Interior Decoration and a Bachelor Degree in Arts.

She started showing so much interest in creativity and artistry at a very young age. She delights greatly in natural habitat, which kept her wondering about God and His works. She also received a lot of encouragement from her father upon realising her artistic gift and sense of imaginative composition deposited in her by God.

But despite Mrs. Olukoya’s innovative competence, what endeared most people to her has been her unmatched contributions towards the development of women both in MFM and beyond. With a career in fashion, arts, pastoral care and women empowerment, she has been using her God-given talent and abilities to provide suitable solutions that have been addressing most pressing needs of many women across the globe.

Her deep quest to put smiles on the faces of women, especially the helpless ones globally also compelled her to establish the MFM women’s foundation through which the Lord has been using her to offer supports to uneducated, vulnerable and homeless women, allowing them to see and work to their full potential and provide for their families.

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With the MFM women’s foundation, she has also been able to help many women realize their potential through mentoring and training as she believes this would add value to the womenfolk.

But while she helps women to grow and glow in one part, Mrs. Olukoya also sings in another part. In fact, she is a lover of music who can sing a variety of styles including contemporary, gospel and classical music.

With her numerous gifts, passions and platforms impacting and repositioning lives for excellence across the globe, truly, there are not too many wives of Christian GOs like the calm and collected Folashade Olukoya.