May 10, 2021

‘Focus on providing solutions’, Ashimolowo, Kings University Chancellor tells students

‘Focus on providing solutions’, Ashimolowo, Kings University Chancellor tells students

Renowned clergyman and Chancellor of Kings University, Odeomu, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, has admonished young people to be solution providers, challenging them to master important life skills, many of which are not in the academic curriculum of the current educational system.

He gave this advise recently while addressing the students and members of the University community in one of his lecture series titled “Things they will not teach you in the University”

In the lecture, he stated that the world is full of opportunities for those who can spot problems and proffer solutions to them. According to him, some of the tips needed to be successful are not readily available in the academic curriculum.

“Many of you will leave this institution with your degrees. However, you need to realise that the world of work is changing, the general sociology of the world is changing,” said Ashimolowo, “Along with this truth is the fact that certain skills which are not considered fit for university curriculum will be needed by you.”

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Ashimolowo explained to the students, several informal skills necessary to achieve in different aspects of life. These skills include how to sell, how to lead, how money works, how to negotiate, how to start a business, and how to resolve conflicts, amongst others.

He emphasized to the audience the need to be equipped with life-ready skills and information that will make them highflyers in their generation.

He thereafter prayed for the growth of the University and proclaimed divine blessings on the entire University community.

A popular and charismatic clergyman in Nigeria, Ashimolowo leads the Kingsway International Christian Center (KICC), a ministry based in London but with thousands of members worldwide.

Kings University was founded by KICC in 2015. The vision of the University is to raise quality leaders that would transform Nigeria and continually sustain her as a technologically advanced nation..

The University believes that a solution can be found to the devastating problems facing Nigeria and answer needed is the transformation of the mind of the coming generation.

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