May 14, 2021

Enters Changan Hunter with French DNA

Enters Changan Hunter with French DNA

Stallion Motors officials, representatives of Changan Motors and Nigerian Motoring Journalists pose with the Hunter Pickup.

Stallion Motors officials, representatives of Changan Motors and Nigerian Motoring Journalists pose with the Hunter Pickup.

By Willie Samson

Foremost Nigeria auto distribution company, Stallion Motors, has unveiled the all-new Changan Hunter pickup into the Nigerian market. The Changan pickup is a joint venture between Changan Auto and Groupe PSA, the second-largest car manufacturer in Europe.

A Chinese truck with strong European DNA,  the Hunter midsize pickup was presented to the motoring press over the weekend by the officials of Stallion Motors who described the vehicle as one of the most powerful in its segment.

Speaking at the launch,  Stallion Motors’ Head of Sale and Marketing, Vijay Singh, said the launch was aimed at serving the Nigerian business community and government sectors with a pickup that combines quality, ruggedness, durability and affordability.

The new Hunter, which Singh described as a truck ready to charm the nation’s love of quality trucks with make-ups traditionally associated with saloons and SUVs, displays uncommon characteristics, especially stunning design, intelligent safety features and ruggedness, making it the right truck for Nigerian roads.

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“Engineered to scale through the PSA-CHANGAN “CA-TVS” dual system verification,” he stated: “The 2021 Hunter did not only meet the strictest European standard, its total galvanized process guarantees 10 years anti-corrosion.

“The  Hunter comes with an exciting  features including forest air purification system, which means that no matter how harsh the road environment outside the van,  Hunter  will maintain fresh air, thereby providing drivers and passengers with a comfortable and healthy experience.”

In the pickup segment, the Changan Hunter leads with 2.4 -liter turbo petrol engine with Manual and Automatic Transmission equipped with high end features like Led lamps, premium leather seats, Reverse camera, Cruise Control, push-button Start, rear AC vent, 10″ display with touch screen, Bedliner with 226mm ground clearance.

“Being of Chinese-European parenthood,”  Singh stated further:  “Changan Hunter was designed and engineered with strict adherence to European standard and EuroNCAP (European Car Assessment Programme) specifications in terms of safety, power, performance, comfort and equipment.

“Boasting of the highest safety technology, Hunter’s outstanding quality and durability makes it your companion for every road.”

As a wide-body, large pickup jointly created through  Chinese and European cooperation, Changan Hunter was incorporated with international perspectives at the beginning of its design.

Crafted with amazing features of unmatched quality, Changan Hunter pickup is 5330mm long, 1930mm wide and 1 835 mm tall. In the process of designing the pickup, the skilled and creative Changan design team fashioned muscular interior and exterior curves to convey surging power, which explains why the truck exudes uncommon character and charm. Available in different colours, including white, grey, silver and blue, Changan Hunter comes with a big grille, encapsulating the brand’s logo, under which there is protection for rough road environments.

Incredibly, the hunter is heavily equipped for safety and comfort. Installed on its cargo area is a rear view camera and a rear parking sensor.

On board, the driver is faced with easily accessible control buttons and functions, rear view camera monitor, automatic climate control, along with very comfortable seats and seat belts for safety.

In addition to a strong and out-of-the-ordinary design, the Hunter stands as the best in its category with cargo capacity of one- ton, coupled with Interior that creates an exceptional driving experience.

Power and Performance

The Hunter Pickup is powered by 2.4-liter turbocharged Petrol engine  (Bosch Turbo Intercooler Injection), which is  mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox, made by Getrag (now  Magna PT), the world’s largest supplier of transmission systems based in Germany).

With an 80-Litre capacity fuel tank, the Hunter supports 1000km supper driving mileage. To ensure the best overall performance, the chassis tuning of  Changan  Hunter is jointly done by the Changan  Detroit R&D Center and the Global R&D Center.

Aboard the Hunter pickup, everything is under control with impressive Hill Hold Control (HHC) and Hill Descent Assist Control (HDC), while its 226mm minimum ground clearance is no doubt an assurance for comfortable and safe motoring on Nigerian roads.

Last lines

No doubt, Changan Hunter is built to last. With its strong production capacity driven by innovative research and development, coupled with the production and sales systems of Changan Auto and PSA Group,  it is believed that the globalization of Changan Hunter will advance steadily.

And considering its strong character in the area of safety, strength, Comfort, coupled with uncommon design and its unique air purification system, Changan Hunter has the potential of becoming the HUNTED by the nation’s love of quality trucks and pick-ups.

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