When looking for motivation, we often look to inspirational quotes from our favorite authors, mentors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. Some of the biggest names in tech and other exciting industries have the biggest impact. One industry you might not typically look to for inspiration is food condiments. But Peter Tri, the founder, and CEO of a company that predominantly sells mayonnaise, has some inspiration to share.

Tri is the founder and CEO of 8 Food, one of Australia’s Top 10 condiment manufacturing companies. Tri dropped out of school at 16-years-old, building his business from nothing. Today, his net worth is $37M. But he says the lessons he’s learned in life are priceless. Here are his top five life-changing quotes.

“Predefined processes create predefined people.”

Tri adopted the belief that “predefined processes create predefined people” at the ripe age of 16. He says it was this belief that compelled him to drop out of high school to pursue his dreams, which he quickly saw come to life by working hard and continually learning from his experiences.

“The system exists to create employees, not bosses.”

“The system exists to create employees, not bosses” is another belief Tri says compelled him to drop out of school at 16. He could see the standard educational system was churning out “lemmings,” as he calls it, instead of teaching kids how to live up to their fullest potential. He says he knew he had so much more ambition in him than he could express in school, so he left to get a head start.

“I wanted to dive deep, get my hands dirty, find how to conquer life.”

Peter Tri says his thirst for life started when he was just a kid. He has always loved a challenge and is still inspired when people tell him he can’t do something. After leaving school, Tri entered the workforce, eventually starting his entrepreneurial journey at 21. Each time life gave him a challenge, Tri says he rose to the occasion and learned how he could grow from it.

“If you didn’t work for it, it’s not worth having.”

Tri grew up watching his parents work hard every day, he says. He didn’t grow up in a wealthy family where things were handed to him easily, and he learned the value of working hard from a young age, understanding that people need to work hard to earn the things they want in life.

“Competitive people make the world go round.”

Tri says he prides himself on being a competitive person, believing that “competitive people make the world go round.” He says they’re the reason why people have the technology they use, the clothes they wear, the great food they eat, and the world in which they live. Tri Believes competition brings out the best in people. As he explains, it takes them out of their comfort zones and forces them to be innovative and to create better products and services.

There’s a lot one can learn from Peter Tri’s rise to success with 8 Food, building the brand into a food empire. His ambition provides inspiration for fellow entrepreneurs. When it comes to what inspires Tri himself, he says it’s sharing his story and inspiring life lessons with his employees and fellow entrepreneurs.


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