We live in a world where technology has permeated every area of our lives, from how we communicate to how we spend our money. Stepan Talabira is a digital entrepreneur who understands the digital landscape of our world. Here, Talabira shares five groundbreaking technological advancements that he believes will revolutionize our lives.

1. 3D printed organs

Talabira shares that 3D printing technology is currently being combined to completely revolutionize the finite life of our organs. He explains that the ability to 3D print organs could help us live longer and save lives.

2. Hyper-fast transport

Talabira explains that how we travel is currently being overhauled by eccentric billionaire Elon Musk. We could soon travel underground at seven hundred miles an hour within a floating pod if Musk’s Hyper-Loop transport system ever reaches completion.

3. Digital currency

According to Talabira, the growing popularity of cryptocurrency is only the beginning, as he reveals that developments are underway to replace all tangible assets with digital cash and make physical commodities like gold, obsolete.

4. Self-driving cars

Talabira returns to the innovations of Elon Musk and his efforts to revolutionize how we travel. Musk, Talabira says is close to completing his efforts to graduate from his Telsa electric cars to an autonomous vehicle that will take us anywhere without having to put our foot to a pedal.

5. Holograms

Talabira shares that the fascination with holographic technology in pop culture from Star Wars to 2Pac, has made the full integration of holograms into everyday life greatly anticipated. Talabira says to expect holographic images to move from entertainment to the medical sector soon.

According to Stepan Talabira, real-life and science fiction are going to continue to emerge into reality as more revolutionary technological advancements appear everyday.


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