Would you like to travel on a vacation with your friends and buddies? Or save to buy a house leveraging on tiered interest savings? Saving collectively for this is the fastest and most fun way to achieve this goal, this is the value Reap Goal offers.

Reaprite, a digital Savings and Investment platform in the Fintech space today introduced a unique saving option, Reapgoal to further encourage Nigerians to save in alignment with its vision of bringing Africans closer to financial freedom. The platform, Reaprite renders savings services to its users at no charge.

Also, Reaprite has been helping thousands of people create wealth by offering them higher interest rates on savings and investmentssince its inception. According to the company, the new product, Reapgoal is going to help her users take their savings game to the next level by helping them set S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) financial goals.  A fun twist on this product is that users now have the opportunity to save as a group (Reap Village) with other users or friends (Kinsmen) who share similar targets. This way, users never have to feel alone on their saving journey.

Speaking on the launch, Managing Director, Reaprite, Tunde Saliu, said: ‘’The new saving option: Reapgoal will help you and groups of persons to set saving goals and smash them with ease. The options include Target; a personal saving plan and Reap Village; a group saving plan that offers 10% interest per annum respectively. This is an addition to the already existing saving plans; Reap Quick, Reap Plus, and Reap Max that Reaprite offers to its increasing number of users. Users will be able to create and customized plans that better serve their financial needs at a competitive rate.

“We are ecstatic to have successfully launched Reapgoal. True to our unwavering commitment to continue to provide better financial services to our customers, this new product is designed to enable users to save for specific goals while their money earns high interest.”

Explaining further, he said: ‘’To get started, once you have download the Reaprite app from the different app stores or sign up via https://www.reaprite.com and create an account for free. You can then fund your wallet and set up your Reap Goal or other preferred plans.

‘’Really, there is no better time to start a saving plan than now, seeing how inflation is on a high and the naira weakening by the day. Through these options, users can achieve even greater success when it comes to saving individually, in groups, and with family or likes minds. Typically, group savers are bound to share a common goal and a savings horizon. The rationale behind this feature is for users to accumulate savings that cover extra income to address a financial need.

‘’Though in challenging times, If you’re one of the fortunate ones who still has a source of income and doesn’t have to worry about making ends meet, getting tiered interest on your savings even as we forge through the second wave of this pandemic should excite you rather than leaving your money sitting idle in the bank and losing value.

‘’REAPGOAL will offer users the following benefits on their savings:  Competitive interest rate of 10% p.a; Dedicated and exceptional customer support; No transaction fees; Bonuses on savings; Users ranking to encourage better performance and Personalized savings duration and purpose.


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