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PURPOSE: A key to success in life

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By Iwuchukwu Chidumebi Joy

Purpose is not in the deep blue sea or the high rigged mountains

It is the reason for which we were created and at which we must succeed, if not, nothing else we succeed at will count Our God-given Gifts are drivers to showing God to the world, to accomplishing our purpose.

Our place in this world is from the inside out, burning with the desire to explore our God-given gifts. For this is how we seat with kings, This is how we change our world for God.

I often ask myself what I’m here on earth to do. Why did God create me? Why did He preserve my life up till this moment? Why did He not choose to take my life at childbirth? All these are the thoughts that often fill my mind. I wonder if I’m perfect and more special than the rest in this world, only for me to realize that there is a task for me to do and I must accomplish it before I exhaust my years on earth.

For some people, purpose is an abstract concept, to some, it is a complex subject matter. While we try to understand what purpose is all about, we should not lose ourselves in the process.

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Purpose is the reason for being, the main motive behind one’s existence. In order for one to find his purpose, he has to know who created him, have a personal relationship with Him and find out the work He (the creator) ordained him to do.

“Before I formed thee, I knew thee and ordained you a prophet among nations” (Jerimiah 1:5). God had already predestined our future even before we were conceived in the womb. It is His will for us to become great people and that can only be achieved through him. Our purpose, being and gifts are His decision and not ours-our only work is to discover them and work towards achieving them.

An effective way to discovering and fulfilling our purpose here on earth is by working hand in hand with God. We have to cooperate with Him and not work contrary to His will. God is the potter and we are the clay, so, we should allow Him to mold us by directing our steps because no man at loggerheads with God can succeed. Once we put God at the centre of everything, we are prone to succeed.

I did not fully understand what my purpose was in this life for a very long time. At some point, I thought I was just an ordinary passerby until I discovered I actually have work to do. I realised that I was put on earth to preach to people, teach them and change their perspectives about issues of life. God had deposited the gift of writing in me and it is my duty to reach out to all men with the message of the Gospel. I have to let them know that Jesus does not only save us from eternal damnation, He also helps us pass through the storms of life without getting scratched.

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Another step to fulfilling one’s purpose is self-development. The thinking that the universe and all that occurs in it are all random occurrences is a false ideology, it is evidently clear that the universe and its constituting bodies all exist and conform to certain principles that govern their motion, appearance amongst other numerous attributes.

World Minded Team defines self-development as an ongoing process of understanding and improving oneself to achieve his/her potential. Self-development provides us with the means to become the best versions of ourselves. It helps us to include people around us in our day to day activities instead of being self-centred.

Some of the major themes of self-development identified by Khalid et al (2014) are self-control, personal relationships, communication skills among others.

Self-development will help us advance in purpose because when we work on ourselves and strive to be the best version of ourselves, then, we can effectively maximize the potentials God deposited in us.

Gift development is another means through which one can fulfil his purpose. God deposited gifts, that is, special abilities in every one of us when he created us. His aim was for us to enrich the world with those gifts given to us. Gifts are pointers to what God created us to do so that we can be who he created us to be.

The Discovery of our talents leads to the discovery of our purpose here on earth.

Gift developments are processes or activities carried out that aim at improving one’s natural abilities. These are practices that make someone become a better person. To develop one’s gifts, he has to have friendship with God, accept and enjoy his abilities, utilize his abilities, serve others with his abilities, constantly practice, take constructive advice and be open to change.

Fulfilling one’s purpose in life is what makes a man successful, so, everyone should make a conscious effort to fulfil their purpose, for that is how we become great in life.

Iwuchukwu Chidumebi Joy, 400 level Mass Communication, Redeemer’s University, 

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