April 4, 2021

King Palm reflects on its massive growth, shares its future plans

King Palm reflects on its massive growth, shares its future plans

King Palm, a producer of organic smoke supplies, has big goals for the future. The company realized early on that customers wanted high-quality wraps focused on organic ingredients and set out to deliver a scientifically-tested product. The Cordia leaf that King Palm discovered after months of extensive research revolutionized the industry and quickly became a customer favorite. King Palm grew exponentially in no time, and in 2017, the company faced a back order log of a whopping $2.5 million. “That was insane. We grew so quickly, and the next year we grew by an additional 40%,” a member of the team shares.

King Palm has always followed the beat of its own drum, unfazed by the competition. “We started in 2016, and we’ve accomplished quite a lot since then. Our competition had been around for decades, and we were sort of the newcomer on the scene, but that didn’t scare us; it energized us. We set out to build brand recognition based on the quality of our products. In 2019, our products became readily available in 90% of smoke shops nationwide, which was a huge achievement. Then, in 2020, we negotiated with 7-Eleven. This is how the largest convenience store on the planet started carrying our products. The reason why we’ve been able to grow so quickly is that we always made product quality and customer satisfaction our number one priority,” the team member shares.

The company continues to do research and to innovate its products, with the beginning of 2020 marking the release of their new line of flavor rolls, which created a splash in the market. King Palm strives to become a household name and to be present in pop culture as much as possible, fueling their continuous innovation.

King Palm is determined to create products that satisfy the mass market, which is no easy task. They want to reach even more people without lowering the quality standard. The company’s process is very much labor-intensive, as all the leaves are picked and rolled by hand. “Satisfying the demand that has risen since we started working with 7-Eleven, and other convenience store chains has been Chevron, AMPM, Circle K, and more has been very time-consuming and difficult, but we’re managing just fine,” the team member notes.

The pandemic hit the world by storm and since then King Palm has seen substantial growth within his brand. “There are many people who are now staying at home. Many of them are feeling anxious due to the changes and have turned to smoking to help. They are easy and convenient and help ease the stress for many. A mix of our quality products and the high-end flavored line has also helped in the increasing sales volumes. ” the team member explains.

The company currently employs 2,500 people, 110 of whom are in charge of the US operations. King Palm’s headquarters are located in Ontario, California. The company warehouse is also located in the Golden State, with eventual plans of expansion to better meet the rising demand.

“We always put the customer at the very heart of all we do, and this is why we’re successful. We take our time to listen to our customers’ demands to go back into research and test mode to keep bringing them exciting products. So far, we offer our signature hand-rolled leaf that is super easy to use and even comes with a bamboo stick to ensure it’s packed perfectly. Then we have our new flavored rolls that now include Berry Terps and Banana Cream. We’re very excited to keep introducing new products and to enjoy an ever-growing audience,” the team member says.