April 18, 2021

Emmanuel Whajah – Every moment is a highlight

Emmanuel Whajah – Every moment is a highlight
Emmanuel Whajah

Emmanuel Whajah is more than a photographer. He is an artist and a visionary. His passion for the art of photography expertly translates to each expressive image he captures. His body of work includes several international clients, including entertainment industry superstars like Tyga, Migos, Keke Palmer, Ella Mai, and the Les Twins.

A multifaceted talent, his ever-expanding portfolio also includes global companies such as Puma, Live Nation, and Universal Music Group. His unique perspective and attention to detail has also earned him collaborations with independent artists, actors, musicians, models, social media personalities, and more. Emmanuel’s reputation as a humble and skilled creative director has made him a highly sought-aNer photographer and videographer. His work includes tours, videos, magazine covers, and photo shoots.

What makes him successful?

Emmanuel prides himself on time management, programming, and planning. When it comes to photographing events and celebrities the stakes are high, there is little room for error. Emmanuel’s clients can count on him to create original, fully edited, and high-quality visual content.

In addition to skill, Emmanuel’s approach to visual content also plays a role in his artful productions. His secret? He follows no script and instead, opts for candid and fluid shots. Emmanuel takes his time to capture clients in the best possible light while staying authentic to his aesthetic.

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Emmanuel is a versatile artist. In addition to corporations and celebrities, he has also taken the time to do his part when it comes to fighting for global social change. He believes that capturing protests and other social justice movements is the duty of black photographers and photojournalists. Emmanuel has offered his expertise and firsthand perspective of his experiences as a multicultural black man. His personal experiences of enduring the ugly realities of racism in his personal and professional lives has driven his desires to capture not only the pain and frustration of the people, but their hopes and solidarity as well.

A Solid Foundation

Emmanuel’s interest in visual content production started while shooting footage for his hip hop dance group, Mufume Crew. Their rise in popularity can be particularly attributed to Emmanuel’s extensive and meticulous YouTube video editing. Further, his experience as a hip hop dancer has led to an understanding of body language that contributes to the angles and positions he chooses. He expertly anticipates motion to capture unique images and his love of content creation continues to develop and expand.

Towards the Future

Emmanuel looks forward to a future filled with creativity and originality. His confidence means he is optimistic for what tomorrow might bring. “You have to appreciate every moment and thank God you’re still breathing.”

Emmanuel Whajah Fast Facts

•Loves the timelessness of black & white photos
•Born in Hanover, Germany
•Ghanaian Heritage
•His first passion was dancing
·His childhood idol was Michael Jackson
•Enjoys touring with artists

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