April 13, 2021

Doing God’s work, regular exercise makes me young — Joseph Osawaru

Doing God’s work, regular exercise makes me young — Joseph Osawaru
Ambassador Joseph Osawaru

Ambassador Joseph Osawaru is the owner of Exquisite Homes 2 Hotel and Lounge, situated in Benin City, Edo State. He’s also a philanthropist and has been active in youth empowerment. In a brief chat with journalists during his 50th birthday celebration he shared the secrets of his youthful look.

Joseph Osawaru’s name is synonymous with the entertainment industry in Edo State because of his immense contribution to patronize home talent and giving them a platform on a monthly basis to showcase their talent either in music, comedy or drama.

Friends and family had gathered at one of his hotels in G.R.A to thank God for his life at 50. He was asked the secret of his youthful look and he said “Doing the work of God and keeping fit through exercise will make you look younger.”

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Joseph Osawaru’s story is that of Grass to Grace where he trekked several distance hawking garri, vegetables, sweet and biscuits.

He said “I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was born in the village because my parents were farmers, so when I came to Benin, I started with “garri school“. Then there was no nursery school. I did all  manners of petty trading after school hours. I started hawking from my primary school, I started with pepper, vegetables, then I graduated to selling candies, biscuits and chewing-gums in the traffic.

Bendel Line (now Edo line) and Ogbe Stadium used to be our preferred location to hawk. I used to trek  great distances to sell my wares. I had no option then because my daddy said that he had a lot of children so everybody should go and fend for themselves. I was paying my school fee through my petty trade but I had the belief that I had a great future and today I’m 50 and I thank God for what he has done for me” The Philanthropist Joseph Osawaru concluded.

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