April 12, 2021

Anambra 2021: Obidike, a game changer for APC

Anambra 2021: Obidike, a game changer for APC

Few weeks ago, Obidike Chukwuebuka, a young vibrant APC member who hails from Nnewi north LGA, Anambra state, South East Nigeria, came out to declare his Interest to contest the post of the APC National Youth Leader.

His declaration met with so much fanfare amongst Nigerian youths, across the 36 states of the Federation, due to his patriotic and Nationalistic Stand on National issues, which has won him massive support and acceptance by Nigerian Youths across tribe, religion and Political divide.

Many who regard Obidike as a ‘Pan-Nigerian’, described his declaration to run for the APC National Youth Leader, as “A Game Changer for the Party”, noting that if given the opportunity, Obidike will Unite Nigerian Youths across board, restore the lost confidence of Youths in the Government, and help the APC win more youth votes across the country.

One of his Supporters, Ademola Yusuf who spoke to Vanguard News Correspondent in Abuja, described Obidike as an “Extra-Ordinary Diplomat”, “APC Youth Ambassador”, and “a Messenger of Hope, in a time when most Nigerians Youths are beginning to give up on the Government”

Abubakar Mustapha told Vanguard, that “Obidike remains one APC Youth that has traveled to all the Nooks and crannies of Nigeria, giving hope to Nigerian Youths and embracing them in his usual charismatic nature”.

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A died hard supporter of President Buhari and the APC, Obidike’s Continuous campaign and canvassing of Igbo Youths to support the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, is well known in the entire South East Geo-Political Zone.

He is a strong Youth Influencer in the South East, and has the confidence of Youths in that Region. He is a force to reckon with, when it comes to grassroots mobilization of youths in the South East, and these are some of the attributes that has made his supporters to say; “That his candidacy will be a game-changer for the APC, especially as the Party seeks to make deeper in-roads to win majority of the votes in the region, come 2023“.