By Douglas Anele

To ensure continuous economic exploitation of the country,British colonial officials had always wanted the insular, undereducated and pliant Fulani to dominate post-independent Nigeria in line with Frantz Fanon’s perceptive observation that colonialists prefer as their successors stooges of the colonial power, that is, dependants who they could easily manipulate.

That was why Sir James Robertson appeased Ahmadu Bello ostensibly to prevent him from taking the north out of Nigeria by unfairly anointing Balewa whose party, the Northern Peoples Congress (NPC), came third in the 1959 federal elections as Prime Minister and asked him to form a government even before the election results were fully released. Sentiments aside, Fulani caliphate colonialists currently gloating about the alleged indissolubility of Nigeria, pontificating as if the country belongs to them,are mere beneficiaries of the high octane odious pro-north manipulations of British colonial officials and the naivety of southern politicians who ignored warning signs especially from the Sardauna and Balewa that the Fulani intend to politically dominate the country for good.

Thus it can be plausibly argued that Britain never really wanted a united progressive Nigeria after independence, else the country should have been partitioned in 1960 like India or Sir Robertson would not have anointed Balewa as Prime Minister given that Dr.Azikiwe and Chief Awolowo whose political parties came first and second respectively in the1959 polls had better credentials for leading a modern nation than the Sardauna’s protégé. Needless to say, the choice of Balewa set the stage for the domination of leadership at the centre by incompetent northerners aided and abetted by insanely selfish southern political carpetbaggers.

Now, unknown to most One Nigeria advocates from the south, in any country where about 50% (or even less but significant enough to be a strong social force) of the population are muslims, the latter would always want to seize political power and establish sharia. Balewa’s 1947 statement cited earlier about the north continuing its “uninterrupted conquest to the sea” is a subtle hint that even before independence the dominant faction of the northern feudal establishment was serious about completing the 19the century jihad of Uthman Dan Fodio and create an Islamic theocracy throughout Nigeria.

Any doubt about this was completely erased by the arrogant proclamation of Ahmadu Bello that “The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great-grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities of the north as willing tools and the south as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us, and never allow them to have control over their future.”

Highly respected southern politicians of the First Republic from the south and middle-belt must have been extraordinarily naïve poor students of the history of Islamic expansionism since they didnot heed the warning signs about the real jihadist intentions of Fulani caliphate colonialists that underpin the statements by Balewa and Sardauna which would have required them to insist irrevocably on confederation at the minimum, with the option of secession if the need arises. Dr.Azikiwe is particularly guilty in this regard. He was so obsessed with a united Nigerian nation that he failed to see that Sardauna’s triumphalist northernisation policies negate the very idea of One Nigeria.

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And notwithstanding the trailer-loads of excuses diehard Yoruba admirers of Chief Awolowo parade to justify his ill-advised support for Gowon and ignoble role during the civil war, there is no doubt that by so doing “the late sage” unwittingly played into the hands of the very caliphate foot-soldiers (including Obasanjo) that frustrated his ambition to lead Nigeria.Unfortunately, it appears that prominent southerners are pachydermatous to the lessons of history.

As if to corroborate George Santayana’s claim that those who neglect the past are condemned to repeat it, in 1978 Chief Rotimi Williams and Prof. Ben Nwabueze repeated Azikiwe’s mistake of placing “national unity” above all else by helping to draft a constitution (doctored by the military afterwards) which placed too much powers at the federal level. That unitarist constitution mutated into the gravely flawed 1999 constitution which has put the country on a cliff-hanger today.

It is difficult to understand why an overwhelming majority of non-muslims and non-Fulani across the country have not realised the existential threat posed by the Islamisation agenda of the Fulani ruling cabal to peace and unity in the country and work together to thwart it. All over the world muslims see it as obligatory religious duty commanded by Allah and his prophet to conquer, dominate and establish Islamic rule worldwide. Moreover the sordid history of the spread of Islam indicates clearly that the process starts with increasing concessions and appeasement of muslims over time until an omega point is reached when they would stake their claim to political leadership often by force.

That said, in the Animal Farm called Nigeria, Buhari’s”second coming” is seen by Fulani caliphate colonialists as a golden opportunity to actualise the vision of Ahmadu Bello. Accordingly, what has been happening nationwide especially since 2015, epitomised by Buhari’s ringing divisive nepotism and sprouting of assorted terrorist Islamist groups from the core north and beyond,is nothing other than the unfolding of Fulani colonisation grand plan. It also explains why the dominant wing of the northern ruling elite will never support abrogation of the fraudulent unitarist 1999 constitution which unduly favours the north, recognises sharia and places Islam ahead of other religions, and why the bizarre visa free policy of the federal government was introduced to facilitate the influx of Fulani from other countries into Nigeria.

The Fulanisation process is enthusiastically supported by Nasir el-Rufai,Bala Mohammed and several other northern politicians. Of course, the underlying motive is for the Fulani from everywhere to take over ancestral lands in the south so that with time their population will reach a critical point for the emergence of emirates across southern Nigeria – a monumental tragedy, in my opinion. Buhari’s administration is taking his preferential treatment of the north and disdain for Igboland to unprecedented absurd level.

For instance, whereas it used a northern judge to quickly proscribe and declare the largely pacifist IPOB a terrorist group the government continuously protects murderous Fulani bandits and terrorists to the extent of paying them hundreds of millions of naira thereby sustaining their heinous activities. One might as well admit that Buhari’s definition of democracy is government of the Fulani, by the Fulani, and for the Fulani supported by avaricious southerners selling their people for crumbs that fell from their Fulani masters’ table. It follows that those working against Nnamdi Kanu and others demanding referendum so that different ethnic nationalities or groups of them can decide their political future are making a terrible mistake.

It also means that Farooq Kperogi’s sarcastic statement regarding Nigerians “interminably whining” about their dysfunctional country is an act of bad faith. Nigeria as presently constituted and run cannot stand the test of time because embedded in her DNA is the potential for instability, arrested development and conflict if urgent measures are not taken to justly address genuine agitations by sections of the countryasphyxiated in the Lugardian contraption of 1914.

From another perspective, southern Nigeria is largely responsible for its predicament given that the Fulani domination agenda even with Britain’s support would not have succeeded if Azikiwe, Awolowo and other frontline political leaders had put their ego and petty squabbles in abeyance and presented a united front against it.Sadly, the ugly situation has worsened since the purported return to democracy in 1999.

Those blaming northerners solely for the depressing status of Ndigbo especially should look inwards at so-called Igbo leaders first before pointing accusing fingers at Gowon, Buhari, Babangida and the rest. Anyway, to make Nigeria as presently constituted work for everybody is virtually impossible: her mixed-up shambolic geopolitical and economic system tends to produce, reproduce and recycle scoundrels in leadership positions. Anyone that thinks otherwise is living in cloud cuckoo land. Therefore the best option moving forward is either confederation or peaceful dismemberment.


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