March 1, 2021

Sunday Igboho, securitymen in botched arrest drama

Sunday Igboho, Yoruba nation rally

Chief Sunday Adeyemo (Sunday Igboho)

Sunday Igboho

…Says, ‘Yoruba people connived with security agents’

…Threatens S-West politicians with death over Oduduwa Republic, polls in Nigeria

By Ola Ajayi, Adeola Badru, with agency reports

FOLLOWING his botched arrest last Friday, Yoruba ‘freedom fighter’, Mr. Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, yesterday, disclosed that some Yoruba people in Oyo State connived with security agents to effect his arrest, just as he clarified that the police were not among the combined team of security agents that accosted him on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

He also said that the Federal Government should be held responsible, if anything untoward happens to him.

This came on a day he threatened to eliminate politicians of Yoruba extraction, who solicit the support of South-West sons and daughters, in the build-up to the 2023 general elections.

Adeyemo, who spoke in Yoruba language with Vanguard but interpreted by one of his aides, Dapo Salami, noted that he would not be intimidated by anybody, as much as he is fighting a noble cause for the freedom of the Yoruba race.

His words: “It is a pity that some elements, within the Yoruba race, are colluding with these evil people to threaten my life.

“Should we be fighting for the cause of the Yoruba race and some elements, within us, are threatening me?

“I am a lover of Yoruba race and I am fighting a noble cause. We have been cheated and this is the time to fight for our rights. Yoruba should be treated with love, not with disdain.

“This fight is not for my personal gain, but for the emancipation of the Yoruba people.

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“I might not have occupied any important position, but I am a force to be reckoned with. I am a noble leader that the governor should appreciate what I am doing.

“I have reported to the appropriate quarters, I have filed a petition to the Inspector General of Police and I must surely get justice. I should be appreciated by all and sundry in Yorubaland and not to be intimidated.

“I am not doing this for money; I am rich, I have everything I want in life, but the love I have for the Yoruba masses led me into this.

“I can lay down my life to ensure that Yorubaland is peaceful.”

Threatens S-West politicians with death over Oduduwa Republic

Similarly, in an undated video obtained and translated by  PRNigeria, Igboho while addressing Yoruba leaders and youths berated the politicians for not identifying with the agitation for the Oduduwa Republic.

But when contacted on the video threat of Sunday Igboho, the spokesperson of the Department of State Security Service, DSS, Dr. Peter Afunanya told  PRNigeria  that the intelligence agency would continue to discharge its duties within its statutory mandates.

In the video, Igboho said: “If not that you (Yoruba political officer holders) are all unfortunate representatives, you should be leading us in the secessionist struggle.

But you are busy campaigning for the next Presidential election. You must be mad.

“You should know that you are not supposed to seek election to the office of the President, you are supposed to identify with our (Yoruba) agitation and lead us in the secession activities.

“I will not allow you to campaign because I will kill you all (Yoruba politicians) before campaigns start (in 2023), I swear by God.

“I will not allow you to campaign because we will kill you all (Yoruba politicians) before their campaigns for elections. I swear by God. It is either they go elsewhere or we will shoot them with guns from the back

“If you support our secession plans, we will suffer for less than two weeks only and later enjoy the Eldorado. Why are you (politicians) selfish, asking us to campaign for you to become Nigerian President in 2023? Are you mad?

“Let your campaign be limited to your family members. If you (politicians) campaign in the public, I will fight you.”

“Last October, I gave an early warning to some of our elders and leaders before they were embarrassed and humiliated by protesters. That was just the beginning more will soon come.

“I am calling on my followers to go and prepare charms for a decisive struggle/battle for the Oduduwa Republic. We must divide this country. We don’t want to stay (in Nigeria) again.

“Our traditional rulers are cowards and obeying orders from local councillors. Recently I learned that a Yoruba monarch threatened a female secessionist living in Germany not to come back to the country.

“I am now appealing to the lady to come and I will be glad to receive and defend her at the airport.

“Probably on that day, we may change the name of Murtala International Airport (Lagos) to Awolowo Airport. Some of our useless elders were behind the renaming of our Airport to Murtala Airport instead of naming it after themselves rather than Fulani’s name.

The Yoruba elders behind the naming of the airport are insane and crazy people.

“The real war that will end everything will happen on the day I will receive the female secessionist at the airport. Let’s them dare me.”

Yoruba people connived with security agents

Igboho, who spoke on a private radio programme anchored by Dr. Reuben Abati, insisted that the police were not among the combined team of security agents that accosted him on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway on Friday.

His words: “Just as I had told my boys, the security agents, numbering over 40, swarmed round my vehicle. I saw a deputy director asking where is the criminal, Sunday Igboho? It was then I alighted from the car and asked him, who is a criminal?

“I pulled off my cloth because one of the security operatives held on to my shirt violently. So, I decided to put off the cloth and gave it to him and we dragged the matter. I saw the Deputy Director. It is possible that Abuja did not instruct him to do so.

“I know that some Yoruba people connived with the security agents to arrest me. I asked the security man, can anyone arrest god? Thank God it was impossible for them.

“They started shooting when we began to drag the matter. The whole episode was an embarrassment to me. It was Mr. Odumakin that called me for a peace meeting. I was heading to Lagos when they waylaid me on the road.

“How can they be calling me a criminal? I am a responsible man, I am a Yoruba citizen, and I am fighting for the rights of the Yoruba people. They don’t have to embarrass me.

“I’m a businessman. I pay my tax to the Federal Government every month and I have evidence of tax payment. Should I be going on the road and some people will attempt to kill me? What for? Why do they want to kill me because their plan on Friday was to assassinate me? Why?

“There is insecurity in the country. Fulani people are raping our people and killing our people in the forests but the security operatives are not going there to confront them. Instead, they are offered ransom. It is just sad that the government is threatening a common man living peacefully in the country. It should not be so.”

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