…As Ogun employs security men for public schools

AMID calls for secession by some groups, a self-determination organisation, the Yoruba Global Alliance, yesterday, insisted that the proposed sovereignty of the Yoruba nation is not negotiable.

Also worried by the recent kidnapping of students in schools by bandits in some parts of the country, the Ogun State government said it has beefed up security in all its schools across the state by employing security men.

In a statement, titled: ‘Yoruba Should Not Panic’, Chairman of the council, Akogun Tola Adeniyi, said the Yoruba Global Alliance is working quietly, strategically and tactically, to achieve its aim, adding that it won’t indulge in vainglory, attention-seeking and noisemaking.

The statement reads: “Yoruba Global Alliance assures the Yoruba Nation that their goal of Yoruba Sovereignty is not negotiable, on course and irreversible. The statement, endorsed by the founding fathers of the YGA, assures the entire Yoruba race that efforts by YG, our allies and other several self-determination groups were on to ward off every threat to the corporate existence of the Yoruba.

“We are not a nation of cowards. And even though our civilization and enlightened worldview have imbued us with unique Omoluwabi tenets which accord love and accommodation to all human beings, we nonetheless believe that it’s only human beings who should be treated as human beings, while animals are animals.”

“We want to assure our Yoruba compatriots that we are working, but quietly, strategically and tactically just like the masterminds behind those devouring Nigeria have remained anonymous without vainglorious and attention-seeking noisemaking. Yoruba fighting forces, like in the tradition of soldiers all over the world are the ones who should do the chest-beating to showcase their conquests.

“We are convinced that Nigeria is already at war, and we are also not deceived by the shenanigans of those who embrace terrorism and cuddle banditry and seek to impose Stone Age mentality on all those who still erroneously believe there is a country called Nigeria.

“The Yoruba will no longer be deceived by the hypocrisy, insincerity and duplicity of those who are preaching peace with empty rhetoric and dramatized sympathy visits, while at the same time turning blind eye to the massive buildup of arms and brutal incursion and invasion of the terrorized people they are preaching peace to. Don’t talk peace, stop acts that make peace unattainable.”

Besides, Adeniyi said: “Albeit our programmes for the eventual realization of our set objectives, achievable through peaceful and diplomatic means, are being pursued vigorously. Our overall goal is to make every Yoruba person gainfully employed, prosperous, secure and happy in robust health.

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“The Yoruba country is poised to build a nation of equal opportunities, a nation of freedom, responsibility and accountability in the mould of past heroes led by the honourable Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

“We are able. We are capable. We are richly and eminently endowed. Our rich pedigree assures us that whatever we lay our hands-on, we succeed in.

“We, therefore, call on our people to be strong, bold and resolute. No force on earth can drive us away from our ancestral land. No forces of evil and darkness can chase away our legendary light.”

He, however, faulted the Minister of Defence for asking Nigerians to resort to self-help describing it as a failure of governance.

He said: “The Nigerian Minister of Defence has publicly declared that their government cannot defend the land and everybody should resort to self-help and defend themselves. Every Yoruba person, therefore, should be prepared to defend themselves, in their homes, on their farms, in their places of work, and even on the roads with whatever weapon they know.

“Our forefathers did it, and they won. The gun does not shoot, bombs do not throw themselves at people; it is human beings who operate these weapons of mass destruction. Human beings are never beyond control.

Kidnapping: Ogun employs security men for public schools

Meanwhile, Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State said his administration has employed security men to secure schools across the state to prevent the kidnapping of school children.

He said: “I have approved the employment of security men in all our schools. We do not want to be reactive on the issue of security in our schools. We want to ensure that not only our children are safe, but their teachers also.”

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