March 31, 2021

New app for social financing debuts

By Cynthia Alo

WORRIED by the non -avail ability of structured platforms to enable millions of Africans at home and in diaspora, have personal and group funding platforms, a Lagos-based technology firm, Xerde Limited has launched MyTudo, a social financial platform to provide solutions to social funding. The app also drives digital transformation.

The app enables users to have alternative way to achieve social financial contribution of each individual’s extended network. Speaking at a media briefing in Lagos, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Xerde limited, Khadijat Abdulkadir stated that the pandemic placed huge demands on tech groups to find solutions and innovative means of solving problems.

She noted that this was one of those demands to solve problems of inconveniences of gathering money from amongst friends for basic things like reunions, monthly contribution with friends, trips, weddings, baby shower and even church projects.